It was a nice balmy 27 degrees F this morning for my walk. Once again the sun took its time peaking over the horizon so not a lot of photos. I hope you enjoy what I did find.

A couple of months ago I posted a photo of a real “island” truck, kind of beat up and rusty. It reminded me of “Mater” from the Pixar “Cars” movies. I spotted a second “Mater” this morning and really liked the way it looked.


I wasn’t the only one that was cold this morning, these horses look kind of chilly even though they had blankets on.


The Olympic Mountains were just waking up as I crossed the Ebey Prairie.


Back over on the Coupeville side of the island I thought looking west over Penn Cove war really pretty.


It wasn’t a really long walk but what I’d call a short brisk walk. I hope you enjoyed walking with me and didn’t get too cold.

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