Once again it was cold but also overcast so the lighting was really poor for photos. Because of that I don’t have a lot to share with you but here are a few photos of interest.

I spotted this FA-18 from NAS Whidbey (Naval Air Station). It was flying well above a 1,000 feet and it was high enough for the morning sun to shine on it. While it’s not a great photo I thought it was interesting.


Near Kruger Woods I always see these townhouses and think the look like something you’d use with Monopoly.


Two more  snowmen showed up in town this morning.


This one was done by the Pacific Northwest Art School, nicely done.


These were down by the wharf along with the Christmas tree.

Stay warm my friends.

One thought on “FA-18 SUNRISE

  1. It’s an EA-18G, but good snap. Frankly I saw a Growler just like that over Oak Harbor and the PBY Foundation I was volunteering at a while back, fumed I didn’t get a picture.

    So why don’t you join me and a few other great patriots out at OLF Coupeville on Thursday, 9-11 + 13 years? Flying is reported to be around noon.

    Ken, I understand and respect if you want to remain out of the 80% heat, 20% light around OLF issues (note the plural) and you have a great photoblog going. If that means you have to delete my comment, I understand.

    That said if you decided to accept my invite your friend Bill *must* leave his drone at your home plate and ditto to any flash photography – the Navy doesn’t take kindly to either next to 60,000 pound jets doing carrier landings 525 feet away. But I think it’s be cool if you could come, support our troops, and help tell the world at least 80% of Coupeville is pro-Navy.


    “Growler Joe” A. Kunzler

    P.S. There is an active Flickr group in support of OLF: https://www.flickr.com/groups/nolfcoupeville/

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