It was warmer this morning but really cloudy, almost looked like it could snow. I spotted more Christmas decorations including Cook’s Corner Park, which is where the town celebrates the lighting of the town Christmas tree even though it’s a big flag pole with a bunch of lights on it.


One of my favorite historic homes was lighted as well.


The “mussel men” were out on the mussel rafts harvesting their catch and I thought even their boat lights looked festive. They probably wouldn’t agree 🙂


And here they are, the “Snowmen/Snow-women of Coupeville”. This is just a sample I put together, there has to be over a hundred around town.


Bundle up, in case you haven’t noticed it’s cold out there!

2 thoughts on “SNOWMAN INVASION

  1. Do they harvest mussels all year round or just certain times. That’s interesting to me love ur pics, hope u don’t mind the questions.

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