With fifteen hours of “dark” plus another three or four hours of muted light due to clouds makes getting nice photos for you good people at best. I guess I could walk later in the day but I like to get out and get it over with, I’ve got lots of things to do. Just five more days though and the daylight hours start increasing, yippee!

Out on Ebey Prairie this morning I saw that the farmers were plowing their fields rejuvenating the soil. Just last month this is what the squash field looked like.


Today all evidence of squash had been removed by the plows. Notice the beautiful rich soil we have in this small prairie farmland.


On the way back I saw another sign of the “advancing” holiday. This star appeared to be rushing toward a goal.


Out on the wharf I spotted this floating bed of kelp and it caught my eye. I think it made for an interesting photo.


That should start your week with a smile. Enjoy the days ahead as we rapidly move toward Christmas.

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