It was a beautiful morning walk today that presented with numerous photo opportunities. It was pretty dark again when I left at 7:15 but there was a beautiful sunrise happening to the southeast. What caught my eye first was what appeared to be a “forest fire”. Of course it wasn’t, just a beautiful sunrise behind the trees.


Once I got out of the woods I was presented with a beautiful view of the Olympic Mountains.


Back over in Coupeville the wharf looked really nice it the early sun light.


While a lot of people decorate their homes for Christmas I spotted this place that had all their decorations up. Has anyone ever told you that the people here in Washington State and Coupeville have a passion for Football? Christmas lights and football, nice combination.


Back home I took this picture of the little display we have in front of our porch. We live on Perkins Street so it seemed appropriate to display the “Perkins Penguins”. Credit goes to Marilyn’s sister Susie who made it for us.


Have a great day and catch you in the morning.

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