Well almost “Not Coupeville”!

Yesterday I started a 7 1/2 week adventure of radiation treatments, five days a week, to get after whatever remains of my prostate cancer ๐Ÿ™‚ This is going to cut into my walking but mostly my blogging time. I’ll try and do my best but it might get a little sketchy at times.

Here’s a shot from the radiation waiting room, nice “digs”.


And here I am all ready to start my adventure.


I did walk yesterday but in Woodinville, WA. After my first treatment I walked along Sammamish Creek. It’s a very nice walking trail and I managed to get in three miles. Here’s a shot of the creek and trail.


The bridge that goes over the creek has these great dragonflies on each corner.


I had dinner at the Red Hook Brewery, one of my favorite places.

23-red-hook 23-sign

One of the things I like about it is the wide selection of beers, yum!


This morning I did get out for a nice little walk but not a lot to shoot. Capt. Thomas Coupe Park reminded me that it’s still winter even though we have some buds starting to poke out in our barrel garden.


OK, I’m off to my treatment. Have a great day and I hope to have you walk with me tomorrow.


This morning it was kind of foggy and dark when I left home. Thinking that there would not be many photo-ops I decided to walk out Parker Road and back. That walk does not offer up vary many good photos because it’s a tree lined road with very few views. Here’s a shot down Parker.


But to my surprised I spotted this sunrise over the Cascade Mountains peeking through the trees.


I decided to walk down a side road toward the beach and found a couple more photos just sitting there waiting to be taken, enjoy.



My neighbors are removing a bunch of big old poplar trees and they drug their old sailboat out into the street to protect it from the fallingย  trees. I thought this picture of the mossy, deteriorating cover over a still usable boat was interesting. I guess sometimes it doesn’t take a whole lot to protect your treasures.


Make a good day ๐Ÿ™‚


In case you were hiding under a rock yesterday the Seahawks won and are going to the Super Bowl. During my walk this morning I spotted evidence of support for the team so I’ll start with that and then end up with a few of nice photos.

The Coupeville School “Message Rock” definitely supports the team.


Just in case the 49ers were flying over Coupeville we have this to show.


And for those driving by this should get the message across.


OK, now some nice photos around the Coupeville wharf, enjoy.





There, that should start off you holiday week. Happy MLK Day and onward to a beautiful week.


During my morning walk I spotted and interesting bush by the Coupeville High School. It had seed pods in various stages of life. This photo makes me think of life and how it has a beginning, a middle and an end.


I thought Ebey Prairie had some really nice color combinations this morning. Your opinion may very but I hope you enjoy it just the same.


It’s Friday so I probably won’t walk tomorrow but I look forward to walking with you again Monday. Have a great weekend!


In the winter we often think of the clouds as having a very blue hue to them, look back at my last blog for some “blue clouds”. Maybe that’s why people often say they are “blue” during the winter months.

Today was “Gray”! There’s just no other way to explain it. Here’s an example looking over a farmers freshly plowed field. OK there’s a tinge of blue but trust me it’s “Gray”!


The foot bridge over Highway 20 caught my eye this morning with the gray background.


And not so gray was this old bicycle parked in this persons front yard. It’s been there for years and just needed to have it’s picture taken.


Not a lot to show for my efforts today but that’s the most lemon juice I could squeeze out the lemons ๐Ÿ™‚


Finally a little light in the morning. I walked yesterday but it was so cloudy and dark there were just not any photo-ops! This morning was a little better. There were still clouds but they were more broken up allowing for more daylight.

I thought the combination of the Olympic Mountains, clouds and steam from the cardboard factory in Port Townsend made for an interesting photo. The colors were what you see, a very “blue” morning.


Once again I was struck by how neat the wharf looks, I just never get tired of looking at it, I hope you don’t either. This was from the trail that goes from Town Park down to Front Street.


I walked out on the dock and got this picture of the wharf looking up the ramp.


And one last shot from out on the dock looking across at the historic Front Street of Coupeville.


What a wonderful morning! I hope you enjoyed walking with me.


This morning’s walk did not yield much in the way of “stellar” photos but I did spot this really cool looking goat. It has huge horns and really nice chin whiskers.



That’s it! Have a great day and we’ll try and walk again tomorrow.


I have to go off island, across the pond, to the mainland today so walked early. Of course not even one month into winters darkness it was “dark”! It was still dark when I got home so not much to share in the world of photography.

I did take one photo of Coupeville from the wharf which was really too dark to make a “good” photo. So, Photoshop! Yep I stylized it and here is the result.


It gives it a whole new look but I like the pure pictures like the banner photo at the top of this blog a lot better.


This morning it was quite slippery out as we had freezing fog and frost overnight. I had to be careful, especially on the hills. Downhill was the worst but I managed to stay upright for the duration.


Despite a dark slippery start it turned out to be a beautiful morning and I got lots of very nice photos for you all to enjoy.

The weather prognosticators are saying that we are in for a change. Here’s the forecast of the week.


By golly I do believe they might be right. This ominous cloud bank coming from the west caught my attention.


We did have a beautiful sunrise which set this tree ablaze.


Mt. Baker was looking spectacular with all the fresh snow piling up.



And I just can’t seem to get enough great photos of the wharf. This morning’s light was really special.


Now back to work for many of you that are going to work for the first time this year. For all you others, enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


Happy New Year all. This is my first post of 2014 and just one of many to come. I hope you take time to walk with me this year and see all the wonder that I see.

This morning was dark and windy making it look quite stormy out but in reality it was just “dark and windy”.

The tide was way in this morning and the waves were lapping away at the dingy dock.


This silhouette of the walnut tree, that was planted in the early 1900’s by either Capt. Thomas Coupe, founder of Coupeville, or his wife Maria, caught my eye this morning and after a wee bit of Photoshop I liked the results.


Have a great year ahead and once again, thanks for walking with me.