I’m sorry for the long gap between posts but I’ve been busy, so to speak. My five minute radiation treatments in Kirkland require a five hour effort with the driving, ferries, parking and some wait time. The treatments are going well and I have ONLY five weeks to go!

I thought I’d share some photos I’ve taken on my trips to the mainland. All of these are from the ferry boat.

Headless Seagulls


A flock of different waterfowl.


Washington State Ferry with the Cascade Mountains in the background.


The Super Bowl Champs 747 flying into Payne Field.


And one from home. It’s been freezing here for the past few days and our fish pond is freezing over. The water pump made an odd shaped ice sculpture that looks like a bed pan. 🙂


And with that I’m off to another appointment. Have a great weekend!

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