I can be so stupid sometimes. This morning I was so excited that the sun was coming out with very few clouds, I was anxious to get out for my walk. About a quarter of a mile out I noticed that my feet didn’t feel quite right. Turns out I forgot to change shoes and was wearing my deck shoes, flat soles and no support. Oh well, I still managed to get in 2 1/2 miles although my doggies are a little sore now.

While out and about I noticed some more spring in the air and some beautiful flowers.These three trees really caught my eye.

Pink Camellia I believe.






Not sure what this is but they pruned the bottom part when the buds were on, interesting look.


Some other photos I took just because they caught my eye. This old McCormick Deering tractor looked really nice in the morning light.



I also like the lighting on the Joseph Libby house built in 1870.


And this is me going into Kruger Woods with the sun at my back.


That starts the week off for me and I hope you have a good start as well. Maybe my photos will help 🙂


Today it was cloudy and breezy but I walked just the same and headed out Parker Road specifically to take a photo of an old row boat that is now a daffodil flower garden. Unfortunately it did not “pop” this year like in years past. Perhaps they didn’t fertilize it enough. It was still pretty but just not spectacular.


There’s really not many photo-opps on Parker Road but I did find the Egg Shack interesting. They have a sign out on the road advertising eggs for sale.


About a block and a half down Parker Woods Lane you come to the “Egg Shack”. But it’s not a cute little shack as depicted on the sign but a cooler.


It’s all on the honor system, you leave money and take the eggs from the cooler. Even though they don’t have a cute shack they do have good, fresh, eggs. I got a kick out of the sign on top of the “shack”.


Oh wait, they do have a shack, a “chicken shack”. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a very good picture of it but they definitely have chickens.


And that wraps up the week of walking. Have a grand weekend and I’ll catch up with you next week.


While it’s still kind of chilly, cloudy and rainy there are definite signs of spring. This group of flowers in the Captain Thomas A. Coupe Park garden, that’s maintained by the Coupeville Garden Club, caught my eye.


I saw several interesting things around Coupeville during my walk. No particular theme here just random photos that I like.

I’d never seen these old vehicles before, one “sweet”, one “work in progress”.


Out on the Ebey Prairie I noticed an unusual rainbow, if you can call it that. It was basically a “blob” of color over Port Townsend. The phenomena probably has a name, anyone know what it’s called?


I call this one “Beached”. I do believe this boat has seen it last days on the seas.


On the north side of the island I spotted this sea monster. I think it needs further study to know exactly what species it might be.


And finally, I love this small town. Many places you go you will see big ugly signs that say “Keep Out” or “No Trespassing” but here in Coupeville we take a kinder and gentler approach.


Thanks for walking with me and enjoy your day, the weekend is just around the corner.


I’m sorry to have been away so long but my two months of radiation treatments didn’t coincide very well with my walking. A big thank you goes out to those of you who have been pulling for me to end up “cancer free”. While we won’t know for sure for another year and a half I truly am optimistic!

I started walking again this week and it’s kind of slow going. The good news is that I’m doing it and enjoying it a lot. Unfortunately the photo-opp’s haven’t been all that great.

I did manage to get a couple photos for your enjoyment. Hopefully there will be many more to come.

As you know I never get tired of photographing the Coupeville Wharf and I’ll start you back up with a new one.


On the other side of the island the Olympic Mountains were standing tall with lots of snow on them.


Have a wonderful day and keep checking back, I love having you walk with me.