Today it was cloudy and breezy but I walked just the same and headed out Parker Road specifically to take a photo of an old row boat that is now a daffodil flower garden. Unfortunately it did not “pop” this year like in years past. Perhaps they didn’t fertilize it enough. It was still pretty but just not spectacular.


There’s really not many photo-opps on Parker Road but I did find the Egg Shack interesting. They have a sign out on the road advertising eggs for sale.


About a block and a half down Parker Woods Lane you come to the “Egg Shack”. But it’s not a cute little shack as depicted on the sign but a cooler.


It’s all on the honor system, you leave money and take the eggs from the cooler. Even though they don’t have a cute shack they do have good, fresh, eggs. I got a kick out of the sign on top of the “shack”.


Oh wait, they do have a shack, a “chicken shack”. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a very good picture of it but they definitely have chickens.


And that wraps up the week of walking. Have a grand weekend and I’ll catch up with you next week.

One thought on “EGG SHACK, NOT REALLY

  1. So to see that you are out walking again .
    Now that I know that you are back I must get busy and send along the pictures to you .
    All the very best to you and take care and no extras for a while .

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