And now for something completely different! This morning I came across a very rare “Pine Tail Banana Slug”. I’d never seen one in the wild before and I’m sure they are a protected species. So to start off today’s walk here it is!


OK, maybe not 🙂

It is well known though that a mans home is his castle. It was first stated in 1628 by Edward Coke of England, “For a man’s house is his castle, et domus sua cuique est tutissimum refugium [and each man’s home is his safest refuge].” I guess this Coupevillian took it to heart, what a nice castle (home).


Today I walked out Parker Road and down to Penn Cove on Marine Drive. At the end of the road I took this picture of Penn Cove. As noted in the photo the Coupeville Wharf is way off in the distance.


One think I love about my little camera is the extreme zoom. Here’s the wharf from the same spot.


Coming back home I thought the water side of Front Street looked especially nice in the morning sunshine.


And finally, my neighbor John has this old International pickup and I noticed something I hadn’t seen before, a “bottle opener”. I doubt very seriously that it was a factory option but what a neat idea for when you’re working hard and need a beer break!


With that I close out “Hump Day”, for all you working folks, and wish you a good rest of the week.


Spring is a great time of year. The flowers are beautiful, the air is fresh and their is a feeling of newness.

This morning’s walk got me noticing how much ending there is and how many new beginnings their are. It was most noticeable in the flowers. Here are some endings and beginnings for you.

These Tulips are still beautiful even though they are on their way out.


Meanwhile pink ones were on their way out and the purple ones were just beginning.


The Peonies are just beginning and will be beautiful in a few days.


This Madrona tree still has last years leaves while the new growth is growing green.


The road that leads into Coupeville from the west is Madrona Way. It’s called that because of all the beautiful Madrona trees that line the road. Here’s a nice example.


Unfortunately some people don’t see the beauty in these wonderful trees. Yep, some people just don’t get it, very sad.


One last picture that has nothing to do with “endings and beginnings”. Out on Ebey Prairie I saw this rock in a freshly plowed field. It made me wonder how far rocks must travel. This field has been farmed for over 150 years and I’m sure all the rocks have been removed. This one must have sneaked in overnight while the farmer was sleeping 😉


I hope you enjoyed our walk today, I’ll see you tomorrow!


Happy Monday all, I hope you are ready for a good week of walking as the weather is supposed to be spectacular all week long. By Thursday it could be in the low 80’s F in Seattle which means around 75 here on the island.

I kind of went crazy this morning in the lovely weather so I hope you don’t get bored with my photos before you get to the end.

At first I noticed some new signs that I liked. These two were on the same house.



This old farm sign is out on the Ebey Prairie.


I’ve always liked this mail box and the morning sun really made it pop.


The remainder of today’s photos are not signs but I liked them a lot and wanted to share them with you.

I love this farm and have taken numerous photos of it. What caught my eye this morning was the crop. I showed you that same crop a couple of weeks ago when it was first coming up. Our wonderful spring weather has really made them jump out of the rich prairie soil here on the island. I also like the Olympic Mountains peaking through the clouds in the background.


This Lilac bush was really showing its colors in the morning light. This is just a tiny portion of the bush, it’s really big!


And finally two photos of this old barn. The first is well lighted which really made it stand out. The second is what I found inside the door to the right.



Thanks for walking with me today and I look forward to having you along for the rest of the week!


I had a nice long walk this morning although the weather was a little threatening. It was actually sprinkling a little when I left the house but I put my hood up and headed out. About ten minutes into my walk the rain stopped and it ended up being a pretty nice morning.

In town I notice this sign supporting our local schools. I feel it’s a worthy cause and thought I’d share it with you. Who knows some “Coupevillians” may just pick up on it and get involved. To read all about “The Community Foundation for Coupeville Public Schools” just click HERE!


Beyond that I didn’t see a whole lot that needed photographing. I’ve taken numerous photos of this farm and the lighting this morning was really nice. I did Photoshop it a little but I like it!


Further out on the prairie I spotted this container ship cruising through Admiralty Inlet behind this barn. I thought it made for an interesting picture since it’s not something you see every day, unless you live around Coupeville.


Now onto the weekend. I hope you have a great one and come back to walk with me again next week.


This morning there was nothing that really caught my eye for a great photograph but my mind started questioning the things I did see. Unfortunately I didn’t come up with any answers but…

What are they going to build in this small square marked out near the trail that goes through Kruger Woods?


What is the landscaping going to look like in front of this new home? Look closely and you can see orange lines winding all over the place.


How much longer is this mossy roof on the restrooms at the Town Park going to last?


What would this tiny room with a chimney coming out of its roof be for?


And my final question, who decides the pecking order when seagulls line up in a row? Also, why are they so perfectly spaced?


So there ya go. Enjoy our walk and enjoy the day.


Before we get to walking I’d like to take a moment and thank all of you who clicked on the link in your email to open my blog in your web browser. What that told me is that almost 100 people are walking with me every day. What a wonderful feeling to know you are all out there with me. Thank you very much 🙂

For today we only walked about three and a half miles but the lighting was great and the flowers were just beautiful. Unfortunately I don’t know the names of the flowers but they sure do make pretty pictures.

Flower #1, really a bush.


Flower #2


Flower #3


This row of trees along First Street we all in bloom as well.


Back over by the wharf there were a bunch of sailboats all rafted together. While I’m not big on “grouping up” it did look like fun.


With that we kick off another week. I hope you come back and walk with me again tomorrow.


I’m sorry we haven’t walked much this week. Tuesday Marilyn and I had appointments on the mainland so that precluded the walk. Wednesday and Thursday it was raining and I was a woos! While I’m not crazy about walking in the rain I’m even less enthusiastic about trying to take pictures in the rain. But today the skies cleared and I had a nice walk out to the Ebey Prairie and back.

Before I share today’s photos I though I’d share a couple from yesterday. In the afternoon we had a real “Frog Strangler” come through right at sunset. That created a really nice rainbow similar to one that I shared a couple of weeks ago.


Once the rain stopped the sunlight on the clouds just got better and better. Here’s what it looked like from my front porch.


This morning as I left the house I couldn’t help but notice the moon. It’s no longer a “Blood Moon” but instead a “Blue Moon”.


Out on the prairie this big tree caught my eye. I thought the silhouette against the blue sky was stunning.


With that I’ll wrap up our week and say “Thank you once again for walking with me”. Have a great weekend!


I have a favor to ask of you before we get on with our walk. If you receive my blog in your email inbox would you please click on this LINK. It will open up my blog in your web browser. I’m trying to get an idea of how many people walk with me each day and by doing this I’ll have a better idea.

If you click on my blog link in Facebook or other ways just read on and enjoy.

Today I walked 6.4 miles from “sea to shining sea”! It was a beautiful morning with many photo ops.

To help you relate where I walk I thought I’d include a map of my route along with numbers where the photos were takes. I won’t do this every day but thought you might find it interesting to see where all you walk.

04-14-14 map

#1. I saw this great view looking over our little town and out into a mirror-like Penn Cove.


#2. This Robin looked so pretty and was singing it’s morning song. I just couldn’t resist.


#3. Out on the Ebey Prairie I decided to get artsy and take a low shot from the road over toward Port Townsend and the Olympic Mountains across Admiralty Inlet.


#4. This is Ebey Landing and it looks like someone has built a two bedroom beach house.


#5. Back toward town I ran into my two walking buddies, Al and Deborah. We don’t walk together as I walk at a different time but we cross paths and have a nice conversation most days. They claim to be in the “Coupeville Witness Protection Program” and I’m not supposed to show their pictures but, Oh Well! They are really fun people 🙂


#6. I spotted this Black Bird, at least I think it’s a Black Bird and just liked the way it looked. Sometimes you need to try and get “glamor shots” of the “lesser” birds.


#7. Out on the Coupeville Wharf I noticed another interesting yacht. I know nothing about this one but it sure has interesting lines.


And back home our Crabapple is in full bloom and looking great. It’s the oldest Crabapple tree on the island and it probably won’t be with us for very many more years but for now we sure do enjoy it.


I hope you enjoyed our walk today and clicked on the link I suggested above, I really appreciate it. Have a great week ahead!


I usually don’t post a blog on Saturday’s but I’m making an exception today. I though you might enjoy walking around the Coupeville Saturday Market with me. It runs every Saturday during mid spring to mid fall from 10:00 to 2:00. If you are ever in town on a Saturday and want something fun to do come to the “Market”.

Here’s an overview of the field.


There are all sorts of things to look at and buy along with some entertainment. These guys were singing Sea Shanties for everyone to enjoy.


On any given Saturday you’ll find vegetables, fruit, soap, woodworking, crafts, flowers and plants, purses, food and much more. I’ve downsized the following photos to save some band width but if you click on them they’ll open up to full size.

       04-12-14-market13 04-12-14-market12 04-12-14-market11 04-12-14-market9 04-12-14-market8 04-12-14-market7 04-12-14-market5 04-12-14-market4

I like this young woman who pulls this large trailer full of salmon and other fish products behind her bike. It takes her about two hours just to get to the market.


Willowood Farm pulls this trailer full of wonderful vegetables with this really old Ford tractor.


Just to tide you over it’s always fun to get a bag of freshly popped Kettlecorn with some caramel mixed in, yum!


I hope you enjoyed walking around our little market with me. Come out sometime and lets do it for real 🙂


“Really Red Rhody”, say that five times 🙂

I had another nice walk this morning although it was cloudy. The first thing I ran across what this beautiful red Rhododendron. I’ve been watching it all week and it was time for taking its portrait.


Earlier I had shown you some photos of a new house being built here in Coupeville. This morning I noticed that the roof is inverted! What the heck is up with that? I can’t wait to see it all finished.


It’s always fun to stop and look at all the old rusting farm equipment at Sherman’s Pioneer Produce Farm. I noticed that the lawn had recently been mowed and this lawnmower sitting beside the yard. Hum, could it have done it? I think not.


There is and interesting old house beside Town Park that has recently been remodeled. Not only did they remodel the home they also re-landscaped the yard. I found this “nautical” touch kind of interesting.


From the Coupeville Wharf I spotted this “Pigeon Guillemont” paddling around with it’s bright orange flippers. There are many of them here this time of year as they nest in the high banks along Penn Cove.


Would you look at that, we’ve managed to burn another week walking around beautiful Whidbey Island. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and now go have a great weekend, I know I will.