Here in Coupeville we have a recycling program that appears to be working pretty well. The only thing we can’t recycle through our pick-up service is glass. Hopefully that will change in the future. They pick up one half of the town one week and the other half on the opposite week. Here’s an example of the participation on the west side of town. If you have a recycle service please do your part, it really helps.


The deer seem to be really busy these days filling up on all the wonderful new sprouts from plants that are trying to burst into spring. It’s a great time for deer but not a very good time for gardeners 😦 I spotted these five deer in a neighbors yard, better theirs than mine.


What’s with all the lines that you see painted all over the place? I wonder what they all mean. More often than not the lines will fade into oblivion before you see any work being performed. I wonder what these lines mean.


And finally my “good” photo of the day. I saw this pair of Ring-Necked Ducks swimming back and forth in a small pond just outside of Kruger Woods. One would follow the other for a while and then switch around the other way. The female was doing the “Shake A Tail Feather” dance teasing the poor guy. Hopefully it all worked out and we’ll have more beautiful Ring-Necks in the area.


Have a great week ahead, I look forward to walking with you every day!

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