I stretched it out a little this morning and walked 4 3/4 miles in the sunshine. With a beautiful day coming on it was easy to walk that far. Here’s what Mt. Baker looked like as I started my walk.


As I got out on the Ebey Prairie the Olympic Mountains were lighting up in the morning sun and I took this panorama shot that has kind of an interesting lighting effect. Click on the photo for a full view.


Over the past year I’ve been watching the progress of the restoration of the 1890 Perkins’ Farmhouse. It looks like it’s all done and looks just wonderful. Here is a before (just as they got the new roof on and starting into the project) and the after.



I think it’s just great how they are saving all these great old farmhouses.

Last night we had a rain squall come through right at sunset, it made for a beautiful rainbow right out our front window. This photo doesn’t do it justice but at least it gives you an idea of what we saw.


Thanks once again for walking with me and have a great day!

2 thoughts on “PERKINS’ FARM

  1. I love “walking” with you. These views are absolutely beautiful. You are an amazing photographer and have a great eye. When are you going to publish a book of your pictures?. Pease include one of my favorites…the bright hued canoes. Thanks again for sharing. Lynn from California

    • Thanks Lynn, I’m glad you join me for my walks. I too like the colored canoes (actually they are kayak’s) and think I’ll frame it one of these days. As far as a book, hum?

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