I had a nice long walk this morning although the weather was a little threatening. It was actually sprinkling a little when I left the house but I put my hood up and headed out. About ten minutes into my walk the rain stopped and it ended up being a pretty nice morning.

In town I notice this sign supporting our local schools. I feel it’s a worthy cause and thought I’d share it with you. Who knows some “Coupevillians” may just pick up on it and get involved. To read all about “The Community Foundation for Coupeville Public Schools” just click HERE!


Beyond that I didn’t see a whole lot that needed photographing. I’ve taken numerous photos of this farm and the lighting this morning was really nice. I did Photoshop it a little but I like it!


Further out on the prairie I spotted this container ship cruising through Admiralty Inlet behind this barn. I thought it made for an interesting picture since it’s not something you see every day, unless you live around Coupeville.


Now onto the weekend. I hope you have a great one and come back to walk with me again next week.


  1. Hi, I live in Leduc, Alberta and came upon your blog last week. I too am a walker though I am not a photographer. I really enjoyed your blog and went back to several of your old ones. It is nice to see your beautiful pictures and “walk along with you”. Right now we are just coming out of winter and  we still have many cold days. The tulips are coming up but will not be blooming for some time unless we get some warmer days. The trees are just starting to bud. The nights are still below zero. Please continue blogging. Hellen


    • Hi Helen, Burrrrrrrrrrr, I don’t think I could live there, I’m not a cold weather person. I’m surprised the flowers still bloom when it’s below freezing.

      Thanks for walking with me and I’ll keep my blogs coming!

  2. Thanks again Kenny for your blog and enjoyable photos. I feel like I Iive there after seeing all of your walks the last few years. I look forward to it and appreciate your efforts.
    Hope your recovery is progressing as planned.
    Best wishes,
    Mike O’Brien
    Valley Head,AL

  3. Thanks Mike, always nice to hear from you. I’m healing well and while I won’t know for some time to come I do believe I’m cancer free. I’m a happy guy 🙂

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