Hi Boys and Girls, I’m sorry for the absence but I got grounded, so to speak! I had mentioned earlier that my hip was really bothering me and had slowed my walking way down. After a visit to the doctor it turns out that I have “Trochanteric bursitis“. Damn I hate getting old πŸ˜‰

The doctor recommended that I curtail my walking for a while, take it easy and let it heal. Needless to say I’m not very good at any of that but guess I’ll give it a try. In a couple of weeks I’ll slowly start walking and blogging again but in the meantime I’ll try to post things that I find interesting as the days go buy.

This past week we went to our camping place at Port Susan and supposedly “took it easy” while cleaning up our lot from the effects of winter and getting it ready for a summer of fun. While I’m sure it didn’t do my hip any good the place looks much nicer and we had a great time.

Here we are sitting and enjoying a mocha and a campfire at the end of a day.


We went to Marysville for dinner one evening and ate at the Mexican restaurant that we ate at the night we got married, fifteen years ago. In the parking lot I spotted these two really nice custom cars. The red one is a 1940 Chevy and the orange one is a 1941 Willys.

05-25-14-41 willy-40-chevy

Back at Port Susan we drove around looking at other peoples campsite’s. This collection of gnome’s and other “stuff” in front of this shed made kind of a neat photo.


During the winter there must have been some big winds because this huge tree had blown down across the road. It had been cleaned up but I’m sure it snarled traffic for a while. What’s most amazing is that it missed a comfort station and a trailer by only about ten feet on each side.


Port Susan has a lot of rules to follow and one of them is that you must keep your lot tidy and in good condition. Some of the lots do not follow that rule and are fined. If the fines and leans against the property don’t do it then they can take back the lot and remove what’s there. In this case there was a trailer that is no longer there and the lot will soon be available to someone that will take better care of it. You can see the frame of the trailer in the background.


And while I was “taking it easy” I installed a bike rack on the back of our fifth wheel so when we travel I can now take my bike with me. I’m hoping it will get some use later on this summer.


Like I said in the beginning I’ll blog when I feel I have something interesting to share. In the meantime keep walking and I’ll catch up to you soon πŸ™‚


Well “Crap”! My hip has been bothering me lately and this morning it finally shut me down a little. I only walked about six blocks before the pain became too much. But being the eternal optimist I turned “Lemons into Lemonade” πŸ™‚

I decided to see what all I could find that’s “camera worthy” within just a few blocks of my home. Below are the results of that effort.

05-14-14 map

The first thing I saw as I reached the top of Perkins Street were two deer staring as intently at me as I was at them.



On 6th Street I saw a row of faux birdhouses lining the top of this arbor. At first I thought it might be a replica of Front Street but nope, just a bunch of neat birdhouses.



Over on Gould Street I thought I was in a snowball fight with this Snowball Tree.



At the end of Front Street there is a nice bench and a historic plaque talking about the discovery of Penn Cove in 1792, sixty-one years before Coupeville was founded.




Down at Captain Thomas A. Coupe Park I just couldn’t resist yet another photo of the Coupeville Wharf in the morning sunshine.



At the entrance to Captain Thomas A. Coupe Park is a nice garden that is maintained by the Coupeville Garden Club. At the moment the most prominent flowers that are blooming are the Iris.



Hopefully my walks will get longer soon but until then it appears that there is plenty to see close to home. Thanks for hobbling along with me πŸ™‚


We are into a stretch of weather that is just wonderful. It was 52 F when I went out the door at 5:45am and by the time I got home an hour later it was 60 F, perfect!

When’s the last time you heard the initials “GTE”? Probably June 30th 2000, that’s when they merged with Bell Atlantic and became Verizon. Despite that fact I noticed a pay phone that I walk by almost every day. To my surprise the sign says “GTE”. I really doubt that’s the case but I did find it interesting.


On my way to Ebey Prairie I couldn’t help but notice the sign at the Coupeville Elementary School. I think maybe the person who put the sign together may have had some help from the kindergartner’s they are talking about. While it’s cute it doesn’t sent a very good example.


The Olympic Mountains were being kissed by the morning sun so I just had to take this panorama photo. If you click on it you’ll get a nice big view of it.


This crop is almost ready to harvest. I’m not sure what it is but it sort of looks like wheat but I don’t believe it is.


And this field was freshly mowed but again I’m not sure what it is. I grew up on a farm in Nebraska where we mostly had corn and that’s my excuse for not knowing what these crops are.


Way up on a power pole I spotted this immature Eagle. It sat still for one photo but then took off. Fortunately I was able to get one in flight as well.



And with that, walk on my friends πŸ™‚


Happy Monday everyone and welcome to a new week. Lets go for a little walk, OK?

Mt. Baker really caught my eye this morning so that’s what you are gong to get. This first one didn’t turn out quite as good as I had hoped because what looked like a subtle “Fire Rainbow” beside the mountain just didn’t pop in the photo. I like it just the same but…


As always the Coupeville Wharf looked great in the morning sun with Mt. Baker in the back ground.


I got lucky on this last one capturing a seagull in the mix.


I hope you have a wonderful week and can join me on some more greate walks as we’ll have nice weather all week πŸ™‚


Happy Friday or TGIF to you good working people πŸ™‚

My friend Rudy, who’s old bike and wagon I showed you earlier this week, also has some beautiful gas pumps. While you may not think of gas pumps as “beautiful” I really like these.

05-09-14-gaspump1Β Β Β  05-09-14-gaspump2Β Β Β  05-09-14-gaspump3

I peaked inside this old barn and spotted what I believe is an old telephone switchboard, at least the remnants of it. Here’s what I think it originally looked like.

05-06-14 switchboard1

Here’s what I found.


If you remember back a few weeks I questioned the red lines on this front yard that was being landscaped. Well they finished and here’s the before and after photos.



And with that I’ll cut you loose to enjoy the upcoming weekend. Thanks for walking with me this week and I’ll be back at it next week, I hope you join in!


Before we get on with our walk for today I’d like to wish my wonderful wife Marilyn a Happy 15th Anniversary! She’s the love of my life and I’m looking forward to the next fifteen and more πŸ™‚


Last year I posted a photo of a white deer. Several people commented that they were not all that uncommon here on Whidbey Island but that was the only one I’d ever seen until this morning. This one was hanging out with a couple of “regular” deer.


I saw something new at the end of our street today. The stop sign has been replaced with a “YIELD” sign so I “yielded” to the deer crossing the street.


Last week I posted a photo of a Peonie bud in our front yard. Well spring has sprung and so has this Peonie, just beautiful!


Out on the Coupeville Wharf I spied a Great Blue Heron posing just for me.


Have you ever noticed how much they look like Ed Sullivan?


OK, it’s getting silly out so I’ll hang up for today. We’ll walk again tomorrow.


See Update Below;

While I had a really nice 3.5 mile walk but for some reason I was not very successful at finding things that would leave a “Coupeville Impression”. What I did find were patterns. While they don’t say much about the Coupeville area I do like finding different patterns.

This clean-out door on a red chimney made an interesting photo.


The windows of St. Mary’s Catholic Church displayed a nice pattern.


The fire trucks in the fire station are ready to roll.


I love rusty old far equipment and the louvered engine cover on this antique tractor looked kind of neat.


There’s a foot bridge overpass that crosses the main highway. The wire that helps hold the fencing in place has rusted in the sea air and left interesting patterns on the concrete.


And one photo of the local wildlife. I have never seen deer under the dock going out to the Coupeville Wharf. What these two were doing down there I have no idea. It’s all saltwater, seaweed, mussels and clams. I don’t believe any of those are part of a deers diet but I could be wrong.


If you are one of those hard working people who are helping to pay my social security have a great “Hump Day” and thank you. If not then enjoy the day, whatever day it might be πŸ™‚


Here’s an update regarding the deer on the beach. David from Larsen Island, Alaska sent the following comment and photos.

Every morning this doe would walk my beach munching on the kelp newly arrived via the tide… about two weeks later she dropped her fawn and came by to introduce us… soon the meadow grasses were apparently more to her liking and I only saw them from time to time in the garden.

deer1 deer2 deer3

Thank you David, I appreciate that!