This morning was one of those fabulous mornings with the sun just coming up, 52 degrees F and a nice breeze. It was like waking up in the mountains with the breeze blowing through the pines or on a beach with the gentle sound of the waves lapping the shore. I just doesn’t get any better than this!

I fixated on the Coupeville Wharf this morning. It was built in 1905 by local merchants and farmers. In 1914 Elmer Calhoun purchased it and added a grain tower. Steamboat’s traveled from the mainland to the Coupeville Wharf up until 1936. Freight boats continued to use the Wharf during harvest for many more years.

In 1949 Dick Hansen purchased the Wharf for a warehouse and grain screening mill. I was purchased in 1969 by the Port of Coupeville for $28,400. In 1978 it was registered as an historic structure within Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve.

The grain tower was removed in 1985 and since then little has changed. I hope you enjoy the photos I took of the Wharf during my walk today.






These last two photos are from the ramp to the Wharf.



And that wraps up this week of walking. Thanks for coming along I always enjoy your company. Have a great weekend and hope to see you again Monday.

4 thoughts on “COUPEVILLE WHARF

    • Yep, not only is there a restaurant but a really nice bistro called Local Grown. It’s a great place to start the morning, I always say hi to William the owner on my morning walks.

      • Thank you for replying. Hubby and I have been enjoying your walks very much. We were married in Coupeville in 1976 and lived there for a few months before moving to Oak Harbor.

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