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While I had a really nice 3.5 mile walk but for some reason I was not very successful at finding things that would leave a “Coupeville Impression”. What I did find were patterns. While they don’t say much about the Coupeville area I do like finding different patterns.

This clean-out door on a red chimney made an interesting photo.


The windows of St. Mary’s Catholic Church displayed a nice pattern.


The fire trucks in the fire station are ready to roll.


I love rusty old far equipment and the louvered engine cover on this antique tractor looked kind of neat.


There’s a foot bridge overpass that crosses the main highway. The wire that helps hold the fencing in place has rusted in the sea air and left interesting patterns on the concrete.


And one photo of the local wildlife. I have never seen deer under the dock going out to the Coupeville Wharf. What these two were doing down there I have no idea. It’s all saltwater, seaweed, mussels and clams. I don’t believe any of those are part of a deers diet but I could be wrong.


If you are one of those hard working people who are helping to pay my social security have a great “Hump Day” and thank you. If not then enjoy the day, whatever day it might be 🙂


Here’s an update regarding the deer on the beach. David from Larsen Island, Alaska sent the following comment and photos.

Every morning this doe would walk my beach munching on the kelp newly arrived via the tide… about two weeks later she dropped her fawn and came by to introduce us… soon the meadow grasses were apparently more to her liking and I only saw them from time to time in the garden.

deer1 deer2 deer3

Thank you David, I appreciate that!

2 thoughts on “PATTERNS

  1. About the deer by the wharf: My husband suggested they might use the mud as a salt lick, and I found an observation online by a man from Vancouver Island: “It looks like the really coastal of the Coastal Black-tails have picked up the habit of drinking a bit of seawater every day… I can only guess at the reasons but it seems most likely that this is in lieu of a “salt lick” which they would need from time to time otherwise. But no way of proving that “scientifically” at the moment.” Maybe one of the Beach Waters can tell us something?

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