This morning’s walk was a “Monster Walk”, not because I walked a long way but instead because of the route I took. Here’s my 4.28 mileย  “Monster Walk”!

05-06-14 monster

The first thing I spotted was this neatly trimmed lilac tree.


Just as I was going into Kruger Woods the “Monopoly Houses” caught my eye. At least they remind me of Monopoly houses.


Out on the Coupeville Wharf this pair of Pigeon Guillemont’s were nicely posed on the gas dock.


As I was leaving the wharf the rays of the morning sun started shining through the clouds creating this rather spectacular photo.


Well that was fun, thanks for walking with me. I’ll catch you again tomorrow!


First off, Happy Cinco De Mayo, party on!

This morning it was threatening rain but I went for it and only had a few sprinkles on my head. I walked almost five miles and started noticing wheels. I decided that would be my theme for the day so here they are.

This is the antique Fire Hose Reel Cart in front of the Coupeville Fire Station.


At Sherman’s Pioneer Produce I found lots of wheels, here are just a few.

I believe this is an Allis – Chalmers tractor that obviously isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


This old wooden wagon wheel was leaning up against a shed, it has seen better days as well but makes for a nice photo.


I love the lichen growing on this wheel as well as the missing spokes.


Further out on the prairie at Sherman’s Farm I spotted this rusty mower. I like the gearing for the mower blade.


My old friend Rudy has some great antique bikes and wagons around his home. These two really caught my eye, I hope you like them.



Back in 1990’s Roger Purdue spent three years carving a wooden, whale themed, wheel that was placed at the entrance of the Coupeville Wharf. The years were not kind to the wheel or Roger as he passed away this past January. You can read about him in this article. The wheel was replaced in 2011. Roger said he is unable to carve wood anymore because of Parkinson’s disease. To lend a hand, a group of local woodworkers formed to complete the wheel. This is the new wheel and if you are ever in Coupeville you need to stop by and give it a spin as the wheel turns around. They say it’s good luck!


I hope your week ahead is a wonderful one, I’m sure mine will be wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚


This morning was one of those fabulous mornings with the sun just coming up, 52 degrees F and a nice breeze. It was like waking up in the mountains with the breeze blowing through the pines or on a beach with the gentle sound of the waves lapping the shore. I just doesn’t get any better than this!

I fixated on the Coupeville Wharf this morning. It was built in 1905 by local merchants and farmers. In 1914 Elmer Calhoun purchased it and added a grain tower. Steamboat’s traveled from the mainland to the Coupeville Wharf up until 1936. Freight boats continued to use the Wharf during harvest for many more years.

In 1949 Dick Hansen purchased the Wharf for a warehouse and grain screening mill. I was purchased in 1969 by the Port of Coupeville for $28,400. In 1978 it was registered as an historic structure within Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve.

The grain tower was removed in 1985 and since then little has changed. I hope you enjoy the photos I took of the Wharf during my walk today.






These last two photos are from the ramp to the Wharf.



And that wraps up this week of walking. Thanks for coming along I always enjoy your company. Have a great weekend and hope to see you again Monday.


This morning I went for a monster walk, 6.8 miles across the Ebey Prairie to Ebey Landing and back. It was the longest walk I’ve done since my radiation treatments and it really kicked my butt but on the other hand I really kicked Prostate Cancer’s Butt!

I took way too many photos to post here but I’ll share a few that I liked.

First off, the morning sun was lighting the sky around Mt. Baker. There was a pink haze in front of the mountain that only lasted for about five minutes.


As I got to the prairie the light was equally nice on this old barn.


Further out on the prairie I spotted this tractor that must have stopped for the day and just parked in the middle of the field.


I liked this photo because of the barn reflection in the pond out in the field.


I spotted this old tractor and barn on the Willowood farm. The yellow morning sun really lit it up.


I thought this little barn/house/shed had a nice peaceful feel to it.


Just for fun I included this photo of a freighter crossing the road. Notice the sign! I love Photoshop ๐Ÿ™‚


At Ebey Landing this Long Billed Curlew posed for this wonderful photo with the nice rocks in the foreground.


Well that was fun, thanks for walking with me. I’ll see you tomorrow for more!