This morning I was a little distracted by the fact that today we are going to go pick up our camper and bring it home in preparation for a nice vacation in the near future. While you may not believe it walking and taking nice or interesting photos requires lots of focus and I’m not talking about the optical kind. Therefore today’s offerings are a little fragmented but I hope you like them just the same.

The first thing I spotted was this 1973 AMC Javelin SST. It has just been drug out from a back yard and is now sitting alongside the street. I hope they can save it and bring it back to original condition.


I’ve seen a lot of interesting boat trailers in my life but this one takes the cake. The boat launch is only about six blocks from this house so it might just make it there and back. “Street Legal”? I doubt it!


I’ve walked past this chair a hundred times but never saw it before. This morning it caught my eye and just needed to be recorded.


Once again I stopped at Sherman’s Pioneer Produce and was able to capture three rusty tractors in one shot.


At Rudy’s, another one of my favorite spots, I saw this tricycle delivering flowers. I just love all his two and three wheeled yard art.


And with that we start yet another week all be it a short one. Thanks for walking with me.


I kind of walked between the rain drops this morning. It stopped raining just long enough to get my walk in and the started up again. For whatever reason I wasn’t very inspired this morning and so I mostly have photos of interest in Coupeville.

First thought a little humor. These Calla Lily’s are just outside the fence of our local sewage processing plant, A.K.A. “Poop Plant”! Therefore “Poop Plants” 🙂


Not that you are probably interested but here’s the other side of the fence. And yes this is right on Penn Cove.


Coupeville does not have a newspaper but we have numerous ways of finding out what’s going on around town. This bulletin board at Lind’s Pharmacy is one of them.


I caught up to my friends Deborah and Al as they were walking off the wharf. I thought it made a cute picture.


My neighbors just did some landscaping in their front yard and I like the way it looks.


Speaking of the “hood”, this is the street where we live. We like to think that it’s the best street in Coupeville. It’s only one block long and everyone that lives on it are very nice. The street ends at Penn Cove with a boat launch just off to the left, perfect!


I thought I’d warp up the week with my favorite photos of the day. It seems everyone tries to get that perfect photo of an eagle or osprey while looking past all those seagulls that are everywhere. Well just like the deer yesterday this guy needed a portrait so I obliged while he posed pretty.


Have a wonderful weekend and come back next week and we’ll walk some more!


I got up this morning at 4:45 and looked out the window at a beautiful sunrise. Unfortunately by the time I got dressed and out the door it had fizzled. But like always I started pointing and shooting and found some pretty and interesting photos for you to enjoy.

The closest I got to the sunrise was this nice shot of Mt. Baker.


On my over to Ebey Prairie I saw this little grouping of small yellow flowers nestled in a big rock wall.


Looking over the prairie the Olympic Mountains were standing majestically in the morning sun.


On the way back home this young buck is just coming into his horns. I thought he was a really handsome fellow that needed his portrait taken.


My friend Rudy is in the process of adding another bicycle to his yard collection. It looks like someone is delivering flowers.


Back at home Marilyn’s Tiger Lilly’s are in full bloom and needed to be documented.

06-26-14-tiger-lily-pink 06-26-14-tiger-lily-orange

I hope you enjoyed the flowers, have a lovely day 🙂


This morning was overcast but it mostly burned off by the time I got home. It made for a nice comfortable walk, don’t you agree? 😉

The first thing that caught my eye was this huge eagle recharging it’s batteries on top of this power pole. I’m sure he was “Feeling The Power”!


I look at this “house” almost every day and wonder what it would be like to live there. It might be perfect for the person who really wants to “downsize” big time.


Oh boy it’s getting to be that time. It won’t be long before the jets aren’t the only thing keeping us up at night.


I’m not sure how the Coupeville High School Wolves did at baseball this year but I thought their backstop made for a nice photo.


And now for some cuteness. These two fawns were learning how to feast on the ornamental plants in peoples front yards.


It seems like there is always someone or something watching me as I walk around the “hood”. These two cats certainly were doing their part.


And I really couldn’t show a picture of cats without including our own Ms. Kitty Kitty, she would be so jealous 🙂


For you good working folks, Happy Hump Day! For us retired folks, Happy Wednesday or Thursday or… well you get the idea.


Despite some threatening skies I managed to get in a couple of miles and it felt good. If you’re not a walker I suggest you get out and give it a try. Otherwise it’s always a pleasure to have you walk with me 🙂

Today I walked around town looking for “Yard Art” and found some interesting things that people have placed in their yards. Here’s what the day yielded, enjoy!

First stop was just up the hill by the Coupe D Art house. A local artisan makes these birds and they are wonderful. It’s unfortunate you can’t see the whole thing because the body is made from a big rock. It is mounted to the legs with a swivel and the rock and birds head rocks back and forth perfectly balanced. Still it’s a nice photo.


While we have lots of fawn’s around this time of year this fake one caught my eye.


Some yard art is pretty funny as exhibited by this ???


And these “Beaded Flamingo’s” indicating that this person must be retired.


Yard art comes in all sizes and this piece is in front of the hospital, it’s huge.


And back over at Sherman’s Pioneer Produce Farm there is more yard art than you can shake a stick at.


While this isn’t “Yard Art” I thought it was a pretty picture. These flowers were displayed in front of our local Prairie Center grocery store.


As always, thanks for walking with me and I hope to see you again tomorrow.


Hi Boys and Girls, Happy Summer to you all!

Sorry about being absent from my blog last week but I had a good excuse. I had some surgery on my shoulder last Monday that left a 3″ gash with 25 stitches that the doctor didn’t want me stressing. So “take it easy” was the order for the week.

We went to our camping spot at Port Susan and just kicked back. We roasted hot dogs on the campfire and had Smores, yum! This week we’re back home and I hit the bricks this morning. I managed to get in a mere two miles but still found some things to photograph.

First off I spotted this mama with two baby fawns. We are seeing lots of babies now and they are so cute. I couldn’t get too close as the mother is quite protective and they ran away as I got closer.


The elementary school is ramping up for the annual Lions Club Garage Sale. It’s always a huge event that raises lots of money for the community. This is just a tiny taste of what all they will be selling this coming Saturday and Sunday. If you’re in the area be sure to stop by, there just might be something you can’t live without.


I never really got out on the Ebey Prairie this morning but Sherman’s Pioneer Produce Farm has lots of rusty farm equipment that I just love to photograph. The morning sun gave this old farm implement a yellowish hue.


Coming down into Coupeville from the Town Park I saw these flowers framing the wharf and just couldn’t resist snapping a photo.


As I approached the wharf I spotted my two favorite walkers, Deborah and Al. They were just starting on their ten mile walk, oh boy!


I walked down onto the dock which was quite low due to the tide being way out. This is what I saw looking back at the wharf.


And one last shot from the dock looking toward Mt. Baker which if just barely visible off the stern of this sailboat. I took my little GoPro camera with me and decided to see what it could do with a seascape shot. Here’s the results, not bad for a wee little camera.


With that I’d like to wish you a good week ahead and thanks once again for walking with me.


This morning I did a short walk again as I’m still babying the bursitis in my hip. I guess some days are better than others. I’m all new to this bursitis stuff and haven’t got it figured out yet.

There were some angry skies when I left this morning as this weather vane will attest to. By the time I got home it had cleared up some.


On the way to town I spotted this Osprey or Immature Eagle sitting in a tree with a crow. I always see crows chasing eagles away from their nests and dive bombing them to keep them away. While the crow in this tree didn’t look very happy they weren’t fighting, very unusual.


Out on the Coupeville Wharf I saw the same Great Blue Heron sitting on the same pole as yesterday only this time I took the photo from out on the wharf, I like it!


I’ve shared photos of my neighbors International Harvester pickup before but thought this photo came out pretty well.


Have a wonderful Thursday and “Peace” to you all 🙂