This morning I did a short walk again as I’m still babying the bursitis in my hip. I guess some days are better than others. I’m all new to this bursitis stuff and haven’t got it figured out yet.

There were some angry skies when I left this morning as this weather vane will attest to. By the time I got home it had cleared up some.


On the way to town I spotted this Osprey or Immature Eagle sitting in a tree with a crow. I always see crows chasing eagles away from their nests and dive bombing them to keep them away. While the crow in this tree didn’t look very happy they weren’t fighting, very unusual.


Out on the Coupeville Wharf I saw the same Great Blue Heron sitting on the same pole as yesterday only this time I took the photo from out on the wharf, I like it!


I’ve shared photos of my neighbors International Harvester pickup before but thought this photo came out pretty well.


Have a wonderful Thursday and “Peace” to you all 🙂

5 thoughts on “PEACE

  1. Glad you don’t let that bursitis get you down: keep healing. Loved the portrait of “Frank” against the yellow building, and the immature bald eagle at peace with the crow (they must have seen your neighbor’s truck) is astounding. Always look forward to the photos and comments you share!

  2. Most likely an immature Bald Eagle. The Eagle is a natural enemy for smaller birds. They pick on the immature eagles, as much as they can. The immature eagle is like a kid and they have not learned their power or place yet in the order of things, which makes them an easy target. I have seen ravens here, sitting beside them in a tree, pecking on them, and smaller birds dive-bombing them. Love the heron shot, very nice.
    Hope your hip gets better so you can continue your walks!
    Peace out Ken!

    • Thanks Diane I really appreciate the comments. I think you are right about the immature eagles. Just like people we all have some learning to do before we realize our position in life.

      I’ve always wondered why mature eagles put up with the antics of crows. It seems like they could just flip over, when the crows are dive bombing them, and have a nice tasty little snack 🙂

      • They cannot maneuver like the smaller birds. They are built to dive straight down, or to climb and soar. They are very limited in their ability to turn quickly or to roll. Partly their wingspan, I think. Pretty broad. Those little birds can really maneuver in the air, like small stunt planes versus huge jets! On our lake, we have a family of eagles. They are always going after the ducklings, however the female ducks rise up above the ducklings in the air and flap their wings like crazy. The eagles can’t dive for the ducklings then. They don’t go after the adults at all…too much trouble for them!
        Have a good night, Ken. Tell Marilyn hi 😉

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