Hi Boys and Girls, Happy Summer to you all!

Sorry about being absent from my blog last week but I had a good excuse. I had some surgery on my shoulder last Monday that left a 3″ gash with 25 stitches that the doctor didn’t want me stressing. So “take it easy” was the order for the week.

We went to our camping spot at Port Susan and just kicked back. We roasted hot dogs on the campfire and had Smores, yum! This week we’re back home and I hit the bricks this morning. I managed to get in a mere two miles but still found some things to photograph.

First off I spotted this mama with two baby fawns. We are seeing lots of babies now and they are so cute. I couldn’t get too close as the mother is quite protective and they ran away as I got closer.


The elementary school is ramping up for the annual Lions Club Garage Sale. It’s always a huge event that raises lots of money for the community. This is just a tiny taste of what all they will be selling this coming Saturday and Sunday. If you’re in the area be sure to stop by, there just might be something you can’t live without.


I never really got out on the Ebey Prairie this morning but Sherman’s Pioneer Produce Farm has lots of rusty farm equipment that I just love to photograph. The morning sun gave this old farm implement a yellowish hue.


Coming down into Coupeville from the Town Park I saw these flowers framing the wharf and just couldn’t resist snapping a photo.


As I approached the wharf I spotted my two favorite walkers, Deborah and Al. They were just starting on their ten mile walk, oh boy!


I walked down onto the dock which was quite low due to the tide being way out. This is what I saw looking back at the wharf.


And one last shot from the dock looking toward Mt. Baker which if just barely visible off the stern of this sailboat. I took my little GoPro camera with me and decided to see what it could do with a seascape shot. Here’s the results, not bad for a wee little camera.


With that I’d like to wish you a good week ahead and thanks once again for walking with me.

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