I kind of walked between the rain drops this morning. It stopped raining just long enough to get my walk in and the started up again. For whatever reason I wasn’t very inspired this morning and so I mostly have photos of interest in Coupeville.

First thought a little humor. These Calla Lily’s are just outside the fence of our local sewage processing plant, A.K.A. “Poop Plant”! Therefore “Poop Plants” 🙂


Not that you are probably interested but here’s the other side of the fence. And yes this is right on Penn Cove.


Coupeville does not have a newspaper but we have numerous ways of finding out what’s going on around town. This bulletin board at Lind’s Pharmacy is one of them.


I caught up to my friends Deborah and Al as they were walking off the wharf. I thought it made a cute picture.


My neighbors just did some landscaping in their front yard and I like the way it looks.


Speaking of the “hood”, this is the street where we live. We like to think that it’s the best street in Coupeville. It’s only one block long and everyone that lives on it are very nice. The street ends at Penn Cove with a boat launch just off to the left, perfect!


I thought I’d warp up the week with my favorite photos of the day. It seems everyone tries to get that perfect photo of an eagle or osprey while looking past all those seagulls that are everywhere. Well just like the deer yesterday this guy needed a portrait so I obliged while he posed pretty.


Have a wonderful weekend and come back next week and we’ll walk some more!

2 thoughts on “POOP PLANTS

    • I did not know that the Examiner was a Coupeville exclusive newspaper. I guess I’ll have to check it out.
      Thank you, I always appreciate when people keep me honest 🙂 Have a great Friday!

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