I left the house at 5:30 this morning and still missed a good portion of the “Golden Hour”. The “Golden Hour” is described as the time around sunrise and sunset each day where the lighting for photography is fantastic. With almost sixteen hours of daylight you have to get up pretty darn early to get the full hour. Despite that fact I still think I got a number of good photos for your enjoyment.

First stop Mt. Baker! It’s not very often you get a reflection of Mt. Baker in Penn Cove.


Turning my camera to the west I picked up a wonderful morning shot of Coupeville and the Wharf.


I suppose what you’d call the “Coupeville Money Shot” is always taken from the wharf looking back toward the historic buildings along Front Street. I believe this is what they are talking about.


The mooring dock to the east of the wharf was empty which really surprised me with the weather being so perfect. This is looking from that dock back at the wharf.


People are usually so focused on Coupeville they rarely look to the other side of the wharf but if they take the time this is what they would see.


I found yet another new (old) bike at my friend Rudy’s house. This one is an old Firestone and looks to be in very nice shape. I like the kiddie carrier with the foot rests.


This old tractor with the roses growing over it really stood out in the morning sun. I can just see myself driving this Allis-Chalmers out through the fields of Ebey Prairie.


I hope you have a good July and continue walking with me on my daily rounds.

2 thoughts on “THE GOLDEN “HALF-HOUR”

  1. Hi Ken, great shots, we get up sorta early, but not as early as you! If you can make one correction it would make Colleen very happy, the bike and gas pump collection has been her  endeavor, although I have done some of the work, she has done all of the color schemes and painting so she should rightfully get the credit for her hard work. thanks Ken , Keep up the great work,,   Rudy

    • Thank you Rudy for that correction, I’ll take note. I’ve never met Colleen so i just didn’t know. Now I do and will give credit where credit is due the next time and as much as I like the stuff in your yard I’m sure there will be a “next time” 🙂

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