What a difference a day makes. Yesterday it was 81 degrees F and clear today it’s cloudy, windy and 58. Once again I pretty much missed what sunrise there was but this is from my front porch.


I got a comment from my friend Rudy that I was giving credit to the wrong person. I should have been recognizing Colleen, his wife, for all the great bicycle yard art as well as the gas pumps I’ve posted in the past. Sorry Colleen! To make it right here’s today’s bike that she has so strategically placed in their front yard.


I quite often take photos of rusty farm equipment at Sherman’s Farm but I’ve called it different names in the past. To properly recognize them here’s the real deal.


While I was there I just couldn’t resist a nice photo of their 1947 GMC 500 dump truck pulling a 1949 Bay City model 65 straight-front cable shovel. While I’m sure it’s digging days are over it sure is an impressive piece of yard art!


In the past few days we have had an infestation of moths! Every porch light in town is surrounded by these little guys. They seem to go away as the day goes on but they are back each morning. This was taken in front of Coupeville Coffee and Bistro. Don’t worry they have no effect on the restaurant, they’re all over town.


Here’s what those cute little guys look like up close and personal. This is from in front of our house. Like I said, they’re everywhere.


Some clouds caught my eye this morning. I thought this string of clouds looked rather odd.


Also it looked like a second mountain had popped up behind Mt. Baker this morning.


Thanks for walking with me. Come back tomorrow and we’ll try to find some more interesting things around Coupeville to look at.

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