I didn’t walk this morning but wanted to post some photos from this past weekend. We went to visit my brother Ron and his wife Lolli over on Camano Island. It was sort of a send off for his upcoming bike ride to Nine Mile Falls, Washington. He’ll be riding his fully loaded bicycle from Eldger Bay on Camano Island. It will be approximately 365 mile of hard riding up and over the five passes of the North Cascades Highway. He’ll be camping along the way and just trying to take it easy. He leaves today and plans to be at our sisters house by July 26th for our family reunion.

Oh I forgot to mention, he’s 73 years old!!!!!

Here he is with his fully loaded bike but none of his riding gear on yet.


He’ll be leaving his wife Lolli here while he rides and she’ll catch up with him at the family reunion.


Here’s a photo of the “Da Bro’s” at Eldger Bay.


Marilyn and I are hoping we might stumble upon him when we leave for the family reunion in a couple of weeks.

While visiting them at Eldger Bay I was fascinated by this American flag someone had made out of drift wood, very creative and very patriotic!


I hope you’ll join me is wishing my brother a safe journey. Have a great week ahead and hopefully we’ll walk tomorrow.

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