Yesterday we spent the better part of the day in Twisp. It’s a really small, quaint, town that has two main streets. One is the highway and the other is one block over. If you ever visit Twisp be sure to visit both, there are interesting things all around.

NOTE: You can click on any of the images to make them bigger.

But first some fire news. There are three forest fires withing eight miles of us and it’s been quite smokey and even raining ash.


There are helicopters flying overhead most of the day with buckets full of water.


This was the view from our campground at sunset last night.


Just to show how dramatic it was this was around 10:30 last night just after it turned dark.


Now onward to Twisp.


Like I mentioned, Twisp is a two street town and this is the street that’s off the highway.


Here are some photos of things I found interesting while walking around town.

07-17-14-truck 07-17-14-sawtooth-dentist 07-17-14-old-building 07-17-14-little-art-library 07-17-14-iron-chair

We had lunch at the Twisp River Pub and the food was good. Their brewed beer wasn’t all that good but I had a Moose Drool from Montana and it was excellent!


Although it was around 102 degrees F we made the best of it and had a good time. We visited the Community Center and learned about the history Twisp and the area. Did you ever wonder where the name “Twisp” came from? It was an Indian word for “Yellow Jacket”, who knew?

I’m going to post a second blog this morning with photos from my walk so you can join me there.

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