On The Waterfront

Hi boys and girls, welcome to another wonderful week in Coupeville. It was a beautiful morning for a small walk along the waterfront to the Coupeville Wharf and back. I’m always amazed at what all I find in a few short blocks.

Before the sun came up this morning I spotted Jupiter and Venus close together on the horizon.


It was a real pastel sunrise with these sailboats in the foreground.


As you regular followers know I just can’t resist a sunrise photo of the Coupeville Wharf. The  tide was going out.


I really liked the coloring from the sun on the old wood siding of the Aqua Gifts building.


I spotted this “art piece” on a house I walk by almost every day. I’m not sure if it’s new or I just missed it but I really like it.


In the same house I noticed this sailboat made from animal horns, what a clever idea.


Coupeville’s Front Street was rather vacant this morning but it sure was nicely lit.


Out on the wharf I met a fellow photographer, he is from Nashville, Tennessee. His name is Steve Shapiro and is a professional photographer here as part of a photography class at the Pacific Northwest Art School here in town. You can check out Steve’s wonderful photos at www.steveshapirophotography.com.


Heron are a large part of our nature scene and this one looked really nice in the morning sun.


And finally, on the way home, this beautiful old Chris Craft was leaving Penn Cove after a night at the wharf.


I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and I look forward to having you along on more walks this week.

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