Well the secret is out so why not perpetuate it? Today I turn 70 and really can’t believe it. I remember my dad turning 70 but I never thought I’d be that old.

I received two really nice birthday gifts to make my walks more fun. First of all I got a new camera from Marilyn my wonderful wife. Hopefully it will help me take even more beautiful photos of our little island town to share with all of you.

The camera in front is my old Canon and the new Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-1000 is behind.


The second gift was a surprise arrival of my sister Diane just before my walk this morning to walk with me. She drove over from Spokane and stayed at a local B&B just to surprise me and what surprise it was! This is her and I out on the wharf.


And now on to some photos from my new camera.

The sunrise and sky were just beautiful this morning and took these two photos while walking out on the wharf.



My sister spotted this shot and I thought it was pretty cool. This sign and light are one the backside of the wharf.


My nickname for my sister is “SeaStar”. Well the tide was out and there were a ton of Sea Stars. Unfortunately there is some sort of disease working it’s way through and many of them are dead.


The seagulls just love the little Sea Star’s. It’s hard to believe but this seagull “ate the whole thing”.



I hope you have a great day and I’ll do the same!

9 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

  1. Don’t have to wish you Happy Birthday–you’re having a happy day already! May the year ahead be full of life’s pleasures: family and walking amid the beauty of this place. Thanks for how you brighten MY day with your posts.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I so enjoy your blog. I am glad you got a camera as you will get a lot of use out of it, I hope. Your pictures are fantastic. Every time I open my e-mail up and see one from you I go to it first to see what you have done and to see the pictures. Even if your are unable to walk please keep taking pictures from your home as they are lovely also. You have a real knack of capturing the unusual out of the usual. All the best to you, Hellen


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