It was another beautiful day for a walk. As I started out I just couldn’t seem to find anything to photograph, some days are like that. But as fate would have it I ended up taking 108 pictures that I sorted down to seven for you to enjoy.

Like I said, it was beautiful as evidenced by this silhouette of the Coupeville Wharf in the morning sunshine. I really tried not to take a photo of the wharf but just couldn’t resist.


For only the second time I spotted the rare “White Deer”. Unfortunately it didn’t cooperate much for a photo but here he is.


There is a beautiful house on the cliff, right at the edge of the Town Park, that was built around 1896. I believe it’s actually two smaller houses that were joined together. It was recently remodeled and it’s now a cottage for rent. It’s called the Coupeville Cliff House and should be a very nice place to stay. This is the front of the house.


It has a fantastic view of Penn Cove and Mt. Baker. This is the Cliff House taken from the wharf hidden in the woods.


If you look closely at the first picture of the wharf you’ll see a small spot on the railing just a little to the right of center. It’s a Great Blue Heron and I had a lot of fun with it. Here it is a I approached from Front Street.


Shortly after that photo it flew down to the boat dock you see in the background. I followed it down there and tried to make it fly. I wanted to try the “burst” on my new camera. It is capable of taking 12 frames a second! I’m still learning how to use it to get the best photos but I think these two are a pretty good start.



I hope you enjoyed that walk as much as I did, I really enjoy having all of you walk along with me 🙂

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