I had another nice walk this morning but before I get started I’d like to share a rainbow photo I took during yesterday’s storm. We had a real “gully washer” come through dumping half an inch of rain in just fifteen minutes, very unusual for our little island. We had what I call “Angry Skies”!

The rainbow never brightened up like I had hoped but what caught my eye was how “flat” it was. Most rainbows we see have a huge arch up in the sky, this one didn’t.


But this morning the storm was all gone and I had a wonderful walk on a stellar morning.

Being a small seaside village we attract many artists and there is art to be found everywhere. Of course what one person calls art may get an entirely different comment from someone else. This “Art” caught my eye as possibly falling into the “something different” category.


Walking out on the Coupeville Wharf the suns rays, peeking under the old “Livery” building, caught my eye. The Livery was erected in 1897 to capitalize on the Klondike gold rush. Charles Terry had a large orchard and hired local women to dry prunes for shipment to Alaskan miners. Potatoes and onions were also processed. In 1908, Carl and Laurin Gillespie, sons of the butcher next door, opened a livery stable, renting out horses and later cars. There’s  a second-floor opening to the hayloft. In the 1950’s it became Lindsay’s Marina. Today the Vail Wine Shop fills the front of the building selling fine island wines and offers wine tasting as well as a light lunch menu.

This historic information comes from the Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve pamphlet “Self-Guided Walking Tour of Historic Coupeville”.


And now the “Land of Plenty”! Penn Cove is famous the world over for the finest mussels in the world. When the tide is out the mussel beds are exposed and the local birds just love them. Below are two photos, one of a Seagull and the other of a Starling munching down a wonderful breakfast of Penn Cove Mussels, yum!



If you are a working person, have a great “Hump Day”, if your’re retired like me, enjoy whatever day you want it to be 🙂

One thought on “LAND OF PLENTY

  1. Hi Ken
    Birds are NOT the only mussel lovers…
    Are they still testing the “f coli’s” in Padilla Bay (and further south to your part of the planet?)
    Hope that issue is improving … when you come to Mexico, I’ll treat you to some “Patas de Mula”

    don’t know if the comments box will allow a hyperlink???

    Great shots with excellent composition… good work with the new camera…

    Saludos, DenverDave

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