Happy Friday! I hope you had a good week and are ready for the weekend. Of course being retired the days just sort of all run together 🙂

This morning I had my camera pointed toward Penn Cove and all the beauty that surrounds it. I hope you enjoy the photos from my little walk.

This is looking northeast toward the Cascade Mountains. You can see that it’s a beautiful day coming on.


Looking  a little further north is this high-bluff basking in the morning sunshine. Oak Harbor is just beyond.


I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this beautiful old yacht. It’s called the “North Star” and I believe it’s a 1952 Setphens yacht. I’m not sure about the length but it sure is sweet!


To wrap up the week I needed just one more photo of my friend the resident Heron. The water was flat, the lighting was great and he was posing pretty.


Have a great weekend and I hope you come walk with me some more next week.

4 thoughts on “WATER VIEWS

  1. Another gem, Ken! The Coupeville C of C should be ecstatic that you’re providing the town with free positive publicity, in a good way!


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