Hi everyone, sorry for the hiatus but we’ve had some health issues lately that have curtailed my morning walks. Hopefully this will be the beginning of my daily walks once again.

This morning it was very cloudy and gray when I left the house at 6:45. I guess if I want to walk and take pictures I’ll have to start a little later in the morning so the lighting is better.

Here’s an example of this morning’s lighting with a sailboat in Penn Cove.


Of course no walk around Coupeville would be complete without a shot of the Coupeville Wharf.


Even Front Street had a certain grayness to it. You might also notice how heavy our morning rush hour is, NOT!


To great me back to walking my old friend the Heron was posing quite nicely.


I plan to be back tomorrow and I hope you will join me then for a little walk. Have a great week ahead!

8 thoughts on “DARK GRAY MONDAY

  1. Nothing wrong with those “gray” photos. Very nice for a change from your usual perfect weather photos! Well done!! ‘specially the wharf and heron photos. Winners!!

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