Hi all, it’s been a while since we last walked. Life and weather have interfered for the past couple of weeks but hopefully we’re back on track.

Before we get started I need to post a warning: “The last photo in this blog may be disturbing to some individuals. Viewer discretion advised!” More on that later but remember it’s only the “Last Photo”.

I left the house at 7:00 and it was still quite dark. By the time I got to Ebey Prairie there was a trace of pink on the horizon. I managed to get this interesting patch of pastel pink but that was about it for the sunrise.


Along the way I spotted this arbor that was really pretty. I think someone had a great time putting this together.


Close up.


With Christmas exactly one month away it still bothers me that there are people decorating ahead of Thanksgiving. I guess if you’re a business you need to get a jump on things.


Front Street Grill


And now the “Last Photo”!

This has a kind of interesting story. When I was walking out to the Coupeville Wharf I spotted something different on top of one of the pilings. Upon closer inspection I could see that it was a dead seagull. But what made it even more mysterious were the nails around the piling with what appeared to be string going up and over the bird.

My first thought was that it had gotten tangled in some line but why the nails? No other piling had nails and string.

I asked my friend William at “Local Grown” espresso and Whidbey Island foods store because he’s like a living newspaper regarding all things Coupeville. He told me that an eagle had killed the seagull and ate it on top of the piling. He left the carcass there and flew away.

The lady that runs the gift shop on the wharf has a real problem with the seagulls on the dock because they poop a lot. She is always shooing them away with a broom but they always come back. Her thought was that if the dead seagull was left on top of the piling it would send a message to the other that this is not a great place to hang out.

Turns out the other birds may have gotten the message as William said that there were fewer seagulls hanging around on that dock.

You have to love small towns on small islands for the interesting things their residence do.


I leave you with that image as you get on with your day. With a short work week ahead, for all the working people, you may just have an opportunity get out and walk on your own. In the meantime thanks for walking with me!


Another beautiful morning for a very chilly walk. While I know 30 degrees F isn’t all that chilly to a lot of you suffering from the current cold blast from the north, 30 is chilly here on the island!

I bundled up and decided to take you on a walk down to the Coupeville Wharf. Some of these photos are sort of a repeat of yesterday but I just couldn’t help myself what with the wonderful pastel sky.

The first sighting though was the old fuel dock ramp heading out of Penn Cove. All the work is done and we now have a shinny new dock and ramp.


Looking west to the wharf the sky displayed a beautiful gradient of pastel colors.


Out on the wharf Mt. Baker took the spotlight. I like both of these photos.



On the way back home I couldn’t resist sharing just one more photo of Mt. Baker, it’s such a spectacular mountain with the beautiful white snow covering.


Enjoy your Hump Day, it’s all downhill from here.


This morning I walked to the wharf to see how the new fuel dock was coming along and by golly they have it in place. Just a few things to finish up and it will be open for business again.

Just in case you forgot from a previous blog, here is the old ramp and dock.


This is the old ramp on the way out.


And here is the wonderful new fuel dock and ramp.


What a wonderful improvement!

As you can see in the background it was another sparkler of a morning. It was a chilly 40 degrees F and the wind was blowing but that didn’t stop me from capturing a few more photos before returning home to warm up.

This is a panorama of Mt. Baker looking across Penn Cove.


If you click on the picture it will open up to full size.

The cliffs to the north of Coupeville, across Penn Cove, were beautifully lit by the rising sun.


That should hold you until the next time we walk. Thanks for joining me and see you again soon.


Happy Monday, hope you  are having a great day to start the week, I know I am. It started with a really nice walk in the sunshine with big puffy clouds hanging around, perfect for what I do!

I start with a play on words as the moon was beside the spire on St. Mary’s Catholic Church. It “in-spire-d” me to take a photo 🙂


On my way to Ebey Prairie I spotted Mt. Rainier, a 104 miles away as the crow flies, and captured the moment. You don’t see Mt. Rainier very often from Coupeville this time of year.


Out on the prairie I just had to take another photo of this barn. I’ve taken an number of different photos of it but this mornings sun lit it just perfectly along with the clouds in the background.


And finally this panorama of the prairie with more dramatic clouds. This is looking toward Port Townsend and the Olympic Mountains.


With that I return you to your regularly scheduled program. As always, thanks for walking with me, I hope to see you again tomorrow!


First I want to apologize for being absent most of the week but the weather has really been crappy and we had some appointments on the mainland that interfered with our walks. But this morning was a real sparkler with the full moon setting in the west.

First up, before we get to the moon, is this nice waterfront photo of Coupeville from the wharf with the sunrise starting to happen to the east.


Out on the wharf this seagull was just begging me to take his photo so I obliged.


This moon shot is through the old walnut tree that was planted by Capt. Thomas Coupe, Coupevilles namesake’s wife, back around 1860.


The moon was over the wharf and reflecting onto Penn Cove. I had hoped to get a photo with the moon closer to the horizon but the further down it went the fainter it became and was not to be.


But wait, what’s this?


OK, all together now, “Photoshop”! Yep I just couldn’t resist, I have the tools, I have the knowledge and I had the photos to work with. The only thing I didn’t do was put the reflection on the water. That process takes a lot of time and I’ve got better things to do.

Hopefully we’ll have a better week of walking next week and I hope you’ll all come along. In the meantime have a great weekend!!!


Happy Monday! It was a threatening, dark morning out there but I walked just the same. As always I’m glad I did and found some things of interest.

First was a visit with Mitzy and her owner Karen. What caught my attention was Mitzy’s “headlight”. It’s a light on her collar that makes her more visible on these dark mornings. Say hi to Mitzy!


Out on the Coupeville Wharf the workers were hard at it installing a new boat ramp and dock on the fuel dock. I was hoping it was for the visitor dock but not to be, at least not this time.

The old ramp to the fuel dock is in pretty bad shape as evidenced by this photo.


This is all the equipment that will be used to install the new boat ramp you see on the right. I was really surprised to see a crane down on the dock this morning but the closer I got I could see it was on a barge.


I really liked the small tug that was used to position the barge.


So that starts off our week. I’m glad you were able to walk with me today. The rest of the week could be iffy as there is lots of rain in the forecast.