Happy Monday! It was a threatening, dark morning out there but I walked just the same. As always I’m glad I did and found some things of interest.

First was a visit with Mitzy and her owner Karen. What caught my attention was Mitzy’s “headlight”. It’s a light on her collar that makes her more visible on these dark mornings. Say hi to Mitzy!


Out on the Coupeville Wharf the workers were hard at it installing a new boat ramp and dock on the fuel dock. I was hoping it was for the visitor dock but not to be, at least not this time.

The old ramp to the fuel dock is in pretty bad shape as evidenced by this photo.


This is all the equipment that will be used to install the new boat ramp you see on the right. I was really surprised to see a crane down on the dock this morning but the closer I got I could see it was on a barge.


I really liked the small tug that was used to position the barge.


So that starts off our week. I’m glad you were able to walk with me today. The rest of the week could be iffy as there is lots of rain in the forecast.

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