Another beautiful morning for a very chilly walk. While I know 30 degrees F isn’t all that chilly to a lot of you suffering from the current cold blast from the north, 30 is chilly here on the island!

I bundled up and decided to take you on a walk down to the Coupeville Wharf. Some of these photos are sort of a repeat of yesterday but I just couldn’t help myself what with the wonderful pastel sky.

The first sighting though was the old fuel dock ramp heading out of Penn Cove. All the work is done and we now have a shinny new dock and ramp.


Looking west to the wharf the sky displayed a beautiful gradient of pastel colors.


Out on the wharf Mt. Baker took the spotlight. I like both of these photos.



On the way back home I couldn’t resist sharing just one more photo of Mt. Baker, it’s such a spectacular mountain with the beautiful white snow covering.


Enjoy your Hump Day, it’s all downhill from here.

One thought on “PASTEL MORNING

  1. Wanted you to see today’s photo blog from that guy who walks and send a few shots every day. I have a recent favorite to send, too.

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