As 2014 “Flies Away” we bid farewell to another good year and look forward to 2015.

But wait, that’s not what I’m talking about, this blog is for the birds ūüôā

Once again it was cold and dark for our walk so I didn’t get much. What did catch my eye was the red tailed hawk sitting in the top of a pine tree being harassed by crows. I followed it from tree to tree and got two shots of it perched in the orange morning sun.



It looked really puffed up, probably from the 26 degree F chill.

The pictures aren’t very clear because it was still pretty dark and I was hand holding my camera. I also used a little bit too much vignette to highlight the hawk¬†but it’s what you get today.

I was hoping it would fly my way so I could try to capture it mid flight but it was not to be. It did however “Fly Away” hence the title of this blog.


Thanks again for walking with me this past year and I hope you have a really fun and safe New Year’s Eve!


Well it was still chilly this morning at 26 degrees F, here in Coupeville that’s CHILLY!

I left early this morning in the dark so didn’t find much to show you but here goes.

Coming down to the Coupeville Wharf I just couldn’t resist this beautiful shot of the wharf and Mt. Baker off in ¬†the distance.


Out on the wharf I took a “selfie” just you prove that it was indeed cold!


One more beautiful pink, snow covered, Mt. Baker shot across Penn Cove.


And on the way back home I spotted this really pretty wreath. I couldn’t resist the photo-op.


With that I beat feet back home to warm up. I hope you didn’t get too cold on our little walk this morning. See you tomorrow!


Once again I’ve been absent for a while. I have no good excuse except I’m lazy. I don’t like chilly mornings, I don’t like drizzle and I don’t like wind, but most of all I just find it hard to get out there in the dark. If I wait until it’s light so I can see where I’m going and what I’m taking photos of the morning is half over by the time I get home and get my blog put together.

The sun didn’t come up until 8:00 this morning but the good news is we’re gaining on daylight a wee bit each day.

So with that I bundled up this morning to brave the 36 degree F weather and headed out around 7:15am. I did manage to find a few things to photograph and I hope you enjoy what I saw.

First stop a Christmas Ship, well sort of. I like this boat that lives in this front yard and it had a nice Christmas wreath hanging on the bow.


A little further up the road I noticed this interesting bicycle/windmill hanging on a fence at Colleen and Rudy’s house.


Looking back from the wharf I could see the sun starting to rise over downtown Coupeville.


To the northeast, “Thar Be Snow In Them Thar Hills”! Yep Mt. Baker has really been piling¬†up the snow totals.


It’s nice to have you back walking with me and I’ll try to do better in the future. We all really need the exercise!


Sorry I’ve been so flaky but I seem to be able to find excuses not to walk and blog when the weather is too cold, too rainy or¬†too windy. Today was none of that so you get to go for a walk with me.

I headed out toward the prairie and the sky was just beautiful with big puffy morning clouds perfectly lit by the rising sun

First stop, a farm out on Ebey Prairie.


Just a little bit further this old shed caught my eye. I like the contrast between the orange clouds and the green moss on the roof.


And one last looks as I was crossing the highway on my way back home.


Click on the photo to see it bigger.

And that was it! Four miles, three photos, perfect!

Have a great week ahead. I’ll be sharing some photos of “The Christmasing of Coupeville” in the near future.