FOGGY, FOGGY DAY – January 30, 2015

It was an odd morning as it was foggy when I went out of the house but looking up I could see stars and planets. As I got near Ebey Prairie it looked like there was going to be a beautiful sunrise but then the fog lifted some and blocked it.

I headed for the Coupeville Wharf to see what the town might look like in the fog and it did not disappoint. I hope you enjoy my “Foggy, Foggy Walk”!

This is looking east up Front Street.


Out on the wharf I looked back to town and captured this photo with the foggy reflection of the ramp and town on Penn Cove.


From there it got even foggier and so I called it a day although I still was able to clock 3.6 miles.

Thanks for walking with me this week and now on to the weekend. GO HAWKS!!!

P. B. & J. – January 29, 2015

Not much out there this morning until the very end of my walk. I went out on the wharf and Mount Baker was looking stunning in the morning light. The clouds finally lifted and we had some clear skies.

Out on the wharf the Local Grown coffee shop appeared to be closed and all the lights were off. Upon closer examination I saw William, the proprietor/barista, getting things ready for the day. What was unusual about that is he’s usually already been open for a while. I questioned him and he replied that he had the lights off so he could better enjoy the sunrise.

Man I love this place and the people who live and work here.

So here’s my PB&J, “P”ink Mt. “B”aker is “J”ust gorgeous šŸ˜‰

01-29-15-mt-baker-sunriseI hope you liked that as much as I did, thanks for walking with me and see you tomorrow.


COUPEVILLE’S 12’s – January 28, 2015

Well yet another very dark overcast morning. I have to say I’m getting a little tired of them but the walking is good.

In case you live in a cave or have your head in the sand the good people of Coupeville would like you to know that they support the Seahawks football team. This photo was shamelessly copied from the Whidbey News-Times Newspaper. It was taken on the Coupeville Wharf with everyone hoping for a second Super Bowl win.

01-28-15 fans

This morning I spotted a couple more Seahawks supporters. Fortunately they left their lights on so I could get a picture. The photo quality is rather poor but the message is extremely strong, “GO HAWKS”!!



It did lighten up a bit by the time I got to the wharf and I took yet another photo of it. I hope you aren’t getting tired of wharf photos but I really like it. I thought the disturbed reflection of the Coupeville sign on the water made and interesting photo.


Have a great Hump Day and thanks for joining in this morning.

EBEY LANDING – January 27, 2015

Once again we had heavy overcast which made for grainy photos. I decided to extend my walk and walked to Ebey Landing on the other side of the island. That ended up being around six and a quarter miles.

It really was difficult to get any good photos but the exercise was great! Below are the results of that effort.

You can see from this photo looking east how heavy the clouds were.


This is looking across Admiralty Inlet to Port Townsend. The white cloud is steam coming from the cardboard factory.


I zoomed in and was able to capture the Port Townsend lighthouse just as the red beacon flashed.


In the middle of the prairie I thought this sign with the vegetables andĀ old farm in the background made an interesting photo.


Of course, as I’m typing this blog, the sun just came out, go figure!

Thanks for walking with me today I really enjoyed it.

I C U – January 26, 2015

We are supposed to be having sunshine and temperatures in the high 50’s F but it was socked in this morning when I awoke. By the time I got out the door it had lifted enough to block any evidence of morning light. That left very little for me to look at and photograph.

But I always find something and while these photos aren’t very good I think they are interesting. You see, when I walk in the dark I always feel like I’m being watched. With my headlight mounted to my forehead I noticed some shinning eye lurking in dark places. Here are the monsters keeping an eye on me as I walk.

This deer was out in the open but in the dark was hard to see. His eyes lit up like big reflectors.


A little further down the road I spotted these eyes peaking our from under a van. I’m pretty sure it was a cat but really couldn’t see it except for its eyes.


Then I spotted another cat but at first glance it almost looked like a small raccoon.


Toward the end of my walk it started getting lighter but no sunshine. Still I was able to get this photo ofĀ some yard art. It’s a nicely done Bird of Paradise flower.


And with that we start the last week of January 2015, my oh my where does the time go? We’ve got some rain coming this week so I’ll try to get out there as much as I can because I know you need the exercise but no promises at this point!


For the first time since my prostate cancer surgery and radiation treatments a year ago I walked over 3.5 miles and out to the middle of Ebey Prairie. I walked 4.78 miles and it felt pretty good. What made it feel “Real Good” was the spectacular sunrise on the Olympic Mountains.

How many miles would you walk for photos like these?

I hope you enjoy them.




And just for good measure I threw in a Photoshopped “Art Photo” that I took at Sherman’s Pioneer Produce Farm just for good measure.


Thanks for walking with me today and with any luck we’ll do it again tomorrow!

NO POOP! RIGHT! – January 20, 1915

I’m sorry about missing our walk yesterday but just as I walked out the door it started raining. I don’t like walking in the rain becauseĀ it’s not very good for photos or my camera. A half hour later the rain had stopped so I got suited up again and out the door. As I got to the end of our driveway here it came again. That did it, done for the day.

This morning though it was beautiful and clear as I left the house in the dark. I did see one interesting thing. The Whidbey Isle Yarn shop has a knitted bicycle out front. It was too far away from the store to get them both in so I used a flash on the bike and lightened the background in Photoshop. I put the two together and here’s what I got. That was fun.


When I got to Ebey Prairie the fog had rolled in and no photo-ops. But that all changed as I got to the Coupeville Wharf. The fog had rolled on shore and up the hill. I caught this sailboat with the fog rolling away andĀ the morningĀ sky coming to life.


I took that photo from the end of the dock and as I turned around I thought the wharf looked photo-worthy as well.


One of the problems with a seaside village is bird poop! We have many seagulls, crows, starlings and heron. You really have to look out for those heron, they can whiten a large area of a deck.

To prevent this from messing up the pier going to the wharf they string fishing line a few inches above the railings. This is supposed to make it difficult for the seagulls to land on the railing. I think it worked for a little while but our seagulls are pretty smart and have figured out that if they stand on the fishing line the can sit there and poop on the deck all they want šŸ™‚


So with that happy thought, onward to your week. As always thanks for walking with me.

BLANKET OF CLOUDS – January 16, 2015

Happy Friday to all you fellow walkers. I hope you had a good week and are looking forward to a great weekend. But before that please join me for a short walk around Coupeville.

I only walked about three miles in the dark this morning but at least I didn’t get wet. The heavy blanket of clouds didn’t leave many photo-ops but as usual the Coupeville Wharf yielded an nice morning shot of our seaside village.


With that I hope you have a great day and will come walk with me again next week.

IT’S A WRAP – January 15, 2015

This morning was the first morning this week that wasn’t foggy and I liked it! It was still pretty dark so not much to see but when I got to the wharf I found Mt. Baker wrapped in a shawl of clouds. With the pink sky sunrise I just couldn’t resist pointing and shooting a couple of photos.

Here she is with the Coupeville Wharf in the foreground.


And here she is in all her shawl-wrapped glory.


Have a wonderful day! Thanks for walking and gawking with me šŸ™‚

FOGGY MORN – January 14, 2015

Once again it was dark, cold and foggy only today the fog was even thicker than earlier this week. In fact it was so foggy I only got one good shot. I did manage to find a couple of interesting things though.

The first thing I spotted was how my LED headlight reflected off the pine needles asĀ I walked down the street. They were very wet from the fog. There was a light somewhere behind that gave and eerie red-orange glow. I sort of like it.


While Christmas is over and the decorations have come down it looks like some people still can’t let it go. Oh wait, those aren’t Christmas lights they are Seahawks’ colors, yippee, Go Seahawks!


And now for my shot of the day. The Coupeville Wharf was shrouded in fog with barely enough light to get a good photo. Here is what I was able to capture.


I hope you didn’t get too damp on our little walk today although it was pretty misty.