I hope you walked yesterday because I did but I had an appointment on the mainland and didn’t get a blog posted.

This morning I left the house in the dark with some fog rolling in. I didn’t expect much in the way of photo-ops but to my surprise we had a spectacular sunrise! These were two of my favorites although there were many more. Also these are pretty much straight out of the camera with very little “tuning”. I hope you enjoy them.



Those were taken out on Ebey Prairie. When I got back into town it was foggy. Here is Coupeville from the wharf.


On my way home I spotted a tiny little bird that was flitting all around and impossible to photograph. I chased it around for a while using the “burst” on my camera, 12 frames per second. I finally captured the little guy. It’s a Golden-crowned Kinglet and I don’t believe I’ve noticed them before around town.


Thanks for walking with me this morning and hopefully we’ll do it again tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “SPECTACULAR SUNRISE Jan 07-2015

  1. Ken I met you this morning walking with Al. We were almost to highway 20 I believe on Broadway. It was very nice meeting you and I have enjoyed reading your blogs. How lucky of you to have your camera with you, prepared to capture the beauty of the island, first thing in the morning.

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