For the first time since my prostate cancer surgery and radiation treatments a year ago I walked over 3.5 miles and out to the middle of Ebey Prairie. I walked 4.78 miles and it felt pretty good. What made it feel “Real Good” was the spectacular sunrise on the Olympic Mountains.

How many miles would you walk for photos like these?

I hope you enjoy them.




And just for good measure I threw in a Photoshopped “Art Photo” that I took at Sherman’s Pioneer Produce Farm just for good measure.


Thanks for walking with me today and with any luck we’ll do it again tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “SPECTACULAR OLYMPICS – January 21, 2015

  1. I would also walk as far away as I am from you. I am not sure how far that is as I live in Leduc, AB Keep up the walking and hopefully the good health. Awesome pictures!!! Shared with my friends.

    • Thank you Hellen for the comments. By they way you had better start walking you have 1,296 miles to go 😉

      And thank you for sharing with your friends, I love it when more people walk with me.

  2. Good for you!!! These photos are AWEmazing! It’s not the walking, but the early hour and cold that I can’t seem to conquer(yet). Which is why, I follow your Blog. 😉 P.S. Thanks, for sharing!

    • Believe me Denise, I’m not the greatest at getting out the door either. I’m pretty much a fair weather walker but I do manage to get out most days. I’m just glad you can join me through my blog.

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