COUPEVILLE’S 12’s – January 28, 2015

Well yet another very dark overcast morning. I have to say I’m getting a little tired of them but the walking is good.

In case you live in a cave or have your head in the sand the good people of Coupeville would like you to know that they support the Seahawks football team. This photo was shamelessly copied from the Whidbey News-Times Newspaper. It was taken on the Coupeville Wharf with everyone hoping for a second Super Bowl win.

01-28-15 fans

This morning I spotted a couple more Seahawks supporters. Fortunately they left their lights on so I could get a picture. The photo quality is rather poor but the message is extremely strong, “GO HAWKS”!!



It did lighten up a bit by the time I got to the wharf and I took yet another photo of it. I hope you aren’t getting tired of wharf photos but I really like it. I thought the disturbed reflection of the Coupeville sign on the water made and interesting photo.


Have a great Hump Day and thanks for joining in this morning.

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