BLANKET OF CLOUDS – January 16, 2015

Happy Friday to all you fellow walkers. I hope you had a good week and are looking forward to a great weekend. But before that please join me for a short walk around Coupeville.

I only walked about three miles in the dark this morning but at least I didn’t get wet. The heavy blanket of clouds didn’t leave many photo-ops but as usual the Coupeville Wharf yielded an nice morning shot of our seaside village.


With that I hope you have a great day and will come walk with me again next week.

IT’S A WRAP – January 15, 2015

This morning was the first morning this week that wasn’t foggy and I liked it! It was still pretty dark so not much to see but when I got to the wharf I found Mt. Baker wrapped in a shawl of clouds. With the pink sky sunrise I just couldn’t resist pointing and shooting a couple of photos.

Here she is with the Coupeville Wharf in the foreground.


And here she is in all her shawl-wrapped glory.


Have a wonderful day! Thanks for walking and gawking with me 🙂

FOGGY MORN – January 14, 2015

Once again it was dark, cold and foggy only today the fog was even thicker than earlier this week. In fact it was so foggy I only got one good shot. I did manage to find a couple of interesting things though.

The first thing I spotted was how my LED headlight reflected off the pine needles as I walked down the street. They were very wet from the fog. There was a light somewhere behind that gave and eerie red-orange glow. I sort of like it.


While Christmas is over and the decorations have come down it looks like some people still can’t let it go. Oh wait, those aren’t Christmas lights they are Seahawks’ colors, yippee, Go Seahawks!


And now for my shot of the day. The Coupeville Wharf was shrouded in fog with barely enough light to get a good photo. Here is what I was able to capture.


I hope you didn’t get too damp on our little walk today although it was pretty misty.


Once again it was overcast, some light fog and very dark. This time I took a tripod along and managed to get one long exposure shot looking over part of Coupeville. It was about the time most of the community was waking up making it look like a “Sleep Town”.


I was surprised to see the old firetruck still waiting for Santa. I don’t know about you but Santa came last month and was very good to me.


I hope you have a good Monday and week ahead. I look forward to you joining me for another walk tomorrow.

COUPEVILLE January 9, 2015

I left home even earlier than usual and boy was it dark. I had to use my headlight to see where I was walking and show cars exactly were I was. Despite that fact I still managed to get a couple of nice photos near the end of my walk.

This is looking east toward the Cascade Mountain Range across Penn Cove and Saratoga Passage. There was a lot of “drift” in the water even though we haven’t had any storms lately or extremely high tides. The sailboat appeared to be right in the middle of it all. I’m glad I was on shore and not cruising in my boat.


Shortly after that shot the sky got really pink and looked great behind the town of Coupeville. This was taken from the Coupeville Wharf.


As always, thanks for walking with me this week and I look forward to having you back after the weekend.


I hope you walked yesterday because I did but I had an appointment on the mainland and didn’t get a blog posted.

This morning I left the house in the dark with some fog rolling in. I didn’t expect much in the way of photo-ops but to my surprise we had a spectacular sunrise! These were two of my favorites although there were many more. Also these are pretty much straight out of the camera with very little “tuning”. I hope you enjoy them.



Those were taken out on Ebey Prairie. When I got back into town it was foggy. Here is Coupeville from the wharf.


On my way home I spotted a tiny little bird that was flitting all around and impossible to photograph. I chased it around for a while using the “burst” on my camera, 12 frames per second. I finally captured the little guy. It’s a Golden-crowned Kinglet and I don’t believe I’ve noticed them before around town.


Thanks for walking with me this morning and hopefully we’ll do it again tomorrow!

DARK START Jan 2- 2015

While the first day of the new year was a stellar day with chilly clear skies and light breezes, day two was just the opposite. Heavy clouds darkened the morning making photography difficult but I mad the best of it! The good news is it was eleven degrees warmer coming in at 38 degrees F.

Here’s what it looked like at 7:15am when I left the house.


Nature photography was pretty much out of the question as I will attest to with this deer under a streetlight.


By the time I got to the wharf, about an hour later, I had a wee bit more light and captured the Christmas lights running along the railing leading to the Coupeville Wharf. William, the proprietor of Local Grown, was parked on the wharf unloading supplies for his wonderful coffee shop. If you haven’t visited Local Grown I suggest it as a nice spot to get a coffee, sweet roll and some real local flair. He’s there most mornings, except Tuesday, around 6:00am.


This will probably be the last photo of Christmas in Coupeville. I really like the way they decorated the Knead and Feed Bakery Restaurant and Aqua Gifts.


So now you can stop walking and take a break over the weekend. Have a great one!