FOGGY BARNS – February 24, 2015

This morning’s walk took me on a loop out to the Ebey Prairie and back through Coupeville. It was another beautiful morning but there was some tule fog on the prairie that made for a couple of nice photos.

This first one is of the Sherman’s Pioneer Farm barns with a layer of tule fog down low, or is that “On the down low?” 😉


Not far from there I captured this farmhouse with the Olympic Mountains standing tall.


Back in Coupeville I thought I’d share a photo of “town”. The historic center of Coupeville is Front Street which is about two blocks long. This photo is looking up Front Street to the sunrise in the east.


And that wrapped up our walk for today. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring as sprinkles are coming back into the forecast. If I do get out for a walk please come join me, I always enjoy your company 🙂

4 thoughts on “FOGGY BARNS – February 24, 2015

  1. Ken, your work keeps getting better all the time. Maybe some is to the credit of the birthday camera, but give yourself credit for the “eye” behind it! We look forward to each posting, our “walk” with you. Thank you.

  2. That’s quite the long walk we took this morning! These photos are beautiful! I especially like the one of our sleepy, little town, before she’s fully awake.

    • I too like the early morning sleepiness of Front Street, it really does sum up our wee island town.

      I thought yesterdays shot of Kneed and Feed conveyed the same feeling especially since they were still closed but getting things ready.

      Thanks again,


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