ELUSIVE AURORA – March 18, 2015

I did not see one person walking this morning when I left the house at 3:00am in search of the elusive aurora borealis. According to the astronomical prognosticators there was supposed to be a stellar show of Northern Lights between 2:30 and 4:00 this morning. I got up at 2:30, looked out the window and saw stars, that was enough to get me up and going.

I walked to the high bank above Penn Cove, near the Coupeville Wharf, and set up my tripod and camera. Then I waited. While I waited I decided to take a few shots to see what the night had to offer. While I never did see a strong sheet of colored lights as you’d expect I did get some nice coloring in the sky.


Since there wasn’t much happening on the horizon I focused on the wharf which looked quite nice in the darkness of morning.


Swinging my camera a little farther east I captured Front Street which was not even close to waking up.


Well that was fun, don’t you agree?

As long as I have lots of time on my hands this morning I thought I’d share a few photos from our outing yesterday. We went to Greenbank, here on Whidbey Island, for some business and decided to have lunch at the old Greenbank Store. It’s a really great store and deli that was built in 1904.


They have a sign on the side of the building that really makes me laugh. I wonder what parts of “Man” and what “Beast’s” they serve?


On the way home the Navy EA-18’s were flying off of the Outlying Field. This was the last plane flying as they were all returning to the main base in Oak Harbor. They are not great photos but interesting just the same.



With that I’ll turn you lose to enjoy your day. And what day is it…?

3 thoughts on “ELUSIVE AURORA – March 18, 2015

  1. Great picture of Main Street at night. Keep up the good work. I look forward to posts every time I sign on..

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