Welcome to April, now go fool someone 🙂

This morning we walked four miles, I hope you didn’t get too tired. I think you’ll enjoy what we saw though.

The skies to the southwest had a more colorful sunrise than looking east so I took advantage of that, along with the fact that the Olympic Mountains had a dusting of new snow. I hope you like my “Barns and Noble Mountains” photos. These are three different barns out on the Ebey Prairie. All the fields are so green a pretty now, it’s an absolutely beautiful place to walk.




Along the way I just couldn’t resist the cutest sign of spring I saw anywhere. Welcome to the world little guy or gal!


As always, thanks for walking with me and hopefully we can get in a few more walks this week.

4 thoughts on “BARNS AND NOBLE MOUNTAINS – April 4, 2015

  1. Such a beautiful, cheery walk you enjoyed this morning. Here in Leduc Alberta Canada we woke up to 90 km/hr winds, snow/rain mix and dull cranky skies….good day to stay home and put a heavy pillow over your head…..until 5 pm when it cleared off. Karen Lyon

    • Wow Karen, that’s some tough weather. Hopefully spring is on it’s way and you can look back at all this bad weather and think “That was then, this is now”.

      Thanks for writing, I enjoy your comments.

  2. Like Karen I also live in Leduc. In fact she is my best friend and I agree with her such beautiful photos. It sure would be nice to be able to walk and see these beautiful views. But since we live too far from the mountains to do this it is very kind of you to share them with us.

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