OLD FARM EQUIPMENT – April 8, 2015

It was overcast again this morning so I had a hard time finding something “photo worthy”. But with perseverance and four miles of walking I found these old pieces of farm equipment that are about to be devoured by the spring foliage.

I couldn’t make out the the model of tractor but I do know it’s old.


Right in front of this tractor was a very old overgrown combine.


Along the way I got a peak at Mt. Baker with a layer of clouds below and the orange/pink glow of the sunrise above.


And finally a “herd” of dogs. Every day the people who live in this house put these stuffed dogs out in their front yard. They even have water bowls for them, pretty cute.


So that’s my offering for today. As always, thanks for walking with me and hopefully we’ll get to do it again tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “OLD FARM EQUIPMENT – April 8, 2015

  1. R U sure that’s a combine and not a old threshing machine? Love all photos. Today my favorite was Mt. Baker. Thanks again for walking.

    • HI Helen,
      I’m really not sure it’s a combine. I struggled with that and looked through may old photos on-line before I made that decision. I still could be wrong.
      I too liked Mt. Baker.

  2. Hi Ken, enjoying you’re photo’s very much, and talking to our friends Mel & Deanna Rogers, who live on 1001 NE Leach Street, they would love to receive your “Coupeville Impressions” also, their email address is MelDeanna@comcast.net    Thanks,   Rudy

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