FRONT STREET NEWS – May 20, 2015

Big things are happening along Front Street in Coupeville. Toby’s Tavern is getting a new face-lift and Whidbey Isle Yarns are moving into the 1886 Coupeville Cash Store building.

Monday they started work on Toby’s Tavern to restore the front of the building. In 1955 the store front was covered with grooved plywood and painted. The process begins with removing the signs.


During this mornings walk I saw that they had removed all the signs and old plywood, exposing the original tongue and groove cedar siding.


While it’s impossible to read in that photo I did a little searching and manipulation in Photoshop and figured our what was written on the original siding.

High up on the building it says “Coupeville Cash And Carry”. On the left side top is says “Willy’s Service” as it was once upon a time a service station. The light blue panel near the bottom left says “Motorite”. Do any of you remember “Motorite”?


This is what the building looked like before it was covered with plywood.


John Rodriguey, owner of Toby’s Tavern and the original Whidbey Mercantile building, said: “I have an old photograph from about 1900. “I’m trying to duplicate it as close as we can get it. There have been a lot of changes over the years.”

To read all about this history of this building click “HERE“. To read about the remodel click “HERE“.

A little closer to the wharf I spotted Dena moving all of her wares into the old “Coupeville Cash Store”.

Dena is the owner of Whidbey Isle Yarns and I’m very excited to see her move into Front Street. Her business was previously on Main Street but this should be a much better location and a much better fit for our historic front street than the real estate office the was previously housed in this space.

You may remember the photo I took of the knitted bicycle out in front of her old place of business.


The thing that is so nice about Dena’s business is everything is hand selected or made by local artisans and as she says “Nothing from China”!

If you love yarns and would like some of the very best, along with some antiques and art pieces, Whidbey Isle Yarns is the place. Also Dena is very knowledgeable and loves to talk “all things yarn!”

This is the front of her new store.


While nothing is really in place yet it will be by the time she opens this weekend.

This rack of yarns caught my eye and made for a lovely photograph.


I hope you enjoyed that little tour of Front Street and all the excitement. Now get over the hump and slide down to the weekend.

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