MT. BAKER SILHOUETTE – August 25, 2015

We had an incredible sunrise this morning over Penn Cove accentuating the Mt. Baker silhouette. I took about fifty photos but this one ended up being the winner. I hope you enjoy it.


Miss Kitty Kitty was caught napping along the back fence in the morning sunshine. What a pretty kitty 🙂


By the way she’s sixteen years old and deserves a good nap!

Thanks for walking with me today and with some luck I’ll be back tomorrow.

Dipping Lug For Sale – August 21, 2015

I’ve decided to sell my sailboat and would like to ask your help in getting the word out. I’ve posted it on Craigs List but I thought my blog might reach a few more. So please share this blog with your friends.


FOR SALE: 1989 Freya “Dipping Lug”, “Three In One”, Classic Sailboat.

This fourteen foot classic “dipping lug” sailboat is also a row boat and motorboat.

It’s designed after the lobster boats of New England back in the 1800’s. The “dipping lug” design allowed the fishermen to avoid the hazards of a boom knocking them overboard while dealing with the lobster traps. The “dipping lug” design went away when the outboard motor was invented in the late 1800’s.

This beautiful boat was a special order from Freya Boat Works by a Freya sailing yacht owner who wanted an nice little tender for his yacht. To the best of my knowledge it is the only one that Freya ever made. The workmanship is the same as you will find on classic Freya Yacht’s built in the 1980’s and 90’s.

As a “dipping lug” sailboat it uses lea boards for stability as opposed to a keel or centerboard. It has a larger rudder and tiller arm. All the lines are new. The sail is brown and in perfect condition. It is a different sailing experience that is really a lot of fun and it certainly gets lots of interesting looks out on the water.

As a rowboat the wooden oars are very long and copied after the “Square” or “Standard” blade style oars for sport rowing around the mid 1800’s.

As a motorboat it has a 1992 eight horsepower Evinrude outboard that runs great on this boat.

The lapstrake hull is Western Cedar. The rails, floor grates, transom and other wooden parts are a combination of Mahogany Western Cedar and Teak. The mast and lug are Sitka Spruce, and the lea boards, rudder and tiller are mahogany.

The boat is on a Calkins trailer that is in excellent shape.

It comes with a new “Classic Accessories” boat cover for protection.

This boat is comparable to the Gig Harbor “Main Lobster Boats” that sells for almost $12,000.

If you’re looking for a classic boat that is a lot of fun come check it out.

Own this very unique and one of a kind sailboat for just $3,750

Freya-tied-to-the-dock Freya-Stern Freya-Outboard Freya-Launch Freya-inside-bow Freya-Emblem Freya-boat-cover Freya-at-home

Thank you my friends. I’ll expect you back walking with me next week 🙂

71 YEARS AND COUNTING – August 19, 2015

Today I am celebrating 71 years of great living by enjoying a short camping trip at our place in Port Susan, WA. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it 🙂


I’ll try to get back to walking around Coupeville in a day or so but in the meantime enjoy this photo I took of Mt. Baker from the Skagit Valley today.


I hope you are having a good week and we’ll walk again soon.

THE CONVERSATION – August 13, 2015

What a beautiful morning for a walk, 56 degrees F and a beautiful sunrise. So get your shoes on and lets go!

First stop is right at the top of my street where I spotted this conversation going on. I thought it made a really interesting photograph. I wonder what they are talking about.


Along the way I spotted this “burning bush”. Well not really but it sure was lit up with the fantastic sunrise.


From Front Street in Coupeville the sunrise had changed some and was getting very pastel. I really like this one.


Out on the Coupeville Wharf I looked back at Front Street and captured some of the old buildings with the blazing sun shining on them.


It looks like we have some rich company from Des Moines, Washington. This is the yacht “Lady Elaine” and boy is she beautiful.


I hope you enjoyed that walk, I sure did! Have a wonderful day 🙂

SAILOR TAKE WARNING – August 11, 2015

If the old saying “Red in the morning sailor take warning” is true then we could be in big trouble. This is that it looked like as the sun came up today.


I think my heron friend “Frank” is a Donald Trump fan, he’s even adopted his hair style 😉


OK, that was kid of silly I agree so here’s good ol’ Frank.


Have a great day!

Welcome Back – August 11, 2015

I know, I know, it’s been way too long. People around Coupeville keep reminding me that I’ve been missed.

I can come up with a million excuses but none are very valid. I’ll try to do better going forward.

On my little walk this morning I managed to find some interesting things. First up was the Captain Thomas A. Coupe’s home built in 1854. Captain Coupe is the namesake of “Coupeville”.

His home as been in pretty bad shape for a long time but thanks to the “Ebey Forever Foundation” it is getting a much needed restoration. These photos aren’t great but it gives you an idea of the project.

Looking from the beach. At some point in time the house was turned around and moved back away from cliff.


This is a side view. It’s hard to get a good photo with all the growth around the house.


I’ve shown you photos of the Toby’s Tavern building restoration. It’s now complete and looks wonderful. Here is a 1920’s photo and on today’s walk.



The tide was out and the boats were in. This time of year we get a lot of visitors by water who anchor out, tie to mooring buoys, or tie to the dock.


And finally my shot of the day. I liked the morning sun on the wharf pilings and all the green seaweed and black mussels contrasted against it.


It’s great to be back and having you all walking with me again. Enjoy your day and we’ll do this again soon.