VICTORIAN TIMES – January 18, 2016

When I left the house this morning it was threatening to get me wet but an hour and a half later, when I got home, I was still dry 🙂

The lighting was not very good for much of anything photographic but I do like this photo of the Todd/Parker House built in 1886. Built by the Lovejoy’s known as Coupeville’s most prominent family. Howard Lovejoy had a local lumber mill and built many of the beautiful homes around Coupeville.

The house to the right is the James Zylstra House built in 1889. It was also built by the Howard Lovejoy.


Another photo I like from this mornings walk is the old Coupeville Courier Printing Office built in 1905. It’s an old farm building that was used as the printing office for the local newspaper in the 1950’s. It’s main use today is for storage although it was once a cow barn.


Out on the wharf I spotted this group of Barrows Goldeneye ducks. They were scrambling to get away from me even thought I was about eight feet above the water.


With that I start the week. I hope you have a good week ahead and we can get out for another walk between the rain drops.

4 thoughts on “VICTORIAN TIMES – January 18, 2016

  1. I enjoyed seeing the old houses in such good condition. They were built well & taken good care of. It wasn’t raining here in Leduc, AB & it was sure nice to be out of the deep freeze we were in.

    • Thank you Hellen. Sadly some are not as well taken care of as others. I’ll probably post some of the sadder examples in the future. Maybe that will inspire someone to help save these beautiful old homes.
      Nice to hear you’re out of the “deep freeze”.

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