HAPPY LEAP DAY – February 29, 2016

Not many of my blogs start with “Happy Leap Day” but I just had to say it.

After three weeks of resting on my laurels, trying to get my sore back to settle down, I decided it was time to go out and give it a try. Turns out I had a nice little walk with very little pain, I do believe I’m on the mend. It was good to see some old walking friends and reconnect.

Thanks to everyone for you concerns and kind words, I do believe they all helped.

This morning I was not to be detoured by the threat of rain. It was very dark and cloudy when I left the house so just in case I put on my rain coat and I’m glad I did. That seemed to scare away any possibility of rain and it ended up being a dark dry walk.

The sunrise started to look like it might turn into something grand but sort of fizzled. This was as good as it got.


Out on the wharf I noticed these signs on the Harbor Master office. Who knew we had a problem with people climbing on the roof. Or maybe it was for the seagulls as I didn’t see any sitting up there this morning 😉


And finally, at the scene of the crime where I fell, they are making progress on the remodel of the 1866 Robertson’s Store building. The forms are laid for the seawall and deck foundation. It’s starting to get exciting now.


So onward to March and eventually Spring! Have a great week ahead and thanks for the support and walking with me.

FOG BANKS – February 16, 2016

After a whole bunch of rain I finally got out for a little walk this morning. My back is still hurting so I’m just taking it ease. I only walked down to the wharf and back.

It was a very cloudy morning so the lighting wasn’t great but I found the low hanging fog banks around Penn Cove rather interesting.

Here’s the Coupeville Wharf as I was heading that way. I like the low hanging clouds behind it.


From the wharf I looked west and noticed a big fog bank hanging over the muscle farm. You can see the muscle processor boat all lit up harvesting today’s catch, yum!


Looking east across Penn Cove you can see the clouds hugging the Cascade Mountain Range.


This photo has nothing to do with fog banks but I just like it. This juvenile seagull is almost done losing it’s gray baby feathers and becoming the beautiful white that the adults exhibit.


As always I hope you enjoyed our walk today. It wasn’t very far but as always there’s something interesting to see around my wee town.

OH, OH – February 10, 2016

First off, thank you for all the wonderful well wishes I received on my stupid injury. They are really appreciated and I’m working really hard on getting better by doing “nothing!”, excepting taking some ibuprofen and taking it easy, per Dr. Bob’s orders!

Meanwhile, to paraphrase a famous quote; “Coupeville, we have a problem!” It seems that the bank along Front Street in the Town of Coupeville is falling away and that’s not good.

Monday, during my walk, I noticed these barriers and police tape along Front Street.


Upon closer inspection I noticed where the bank was eroding away, just to the right of the fence post above.


Yesterday, on the KOMO News 4 web site, I read, “Erosion threatens Whidbey Island’s historic Coupeville waterfront”, Oh, Oh!

It goes on to say: “

COUPEVILLE, Wash. – A local town that has stood for more than 150 years is now standing closer to the edge of a cliff.

The bluff under Coupeville on Whidbey Island is eroding. A large crack just opened up and prompted the city to put up safety measures.

The fissure opened up a few weeks ago, forcing officials to shut down the nearby sidewalk just a few blocks up from the historic downtown core of Coupeville.

Every year, thousands of tourists visit the town, which was founded in 1852. Several shops in town have stood open for more than 150 years.

But many of the waterfront businesses are now propped up by pylons and don’t have much land to give.

The city is looking at solutions – like a retaining wall, which would be expensive.

But for now, they’re turning to less expensive options, such as limiting truck traffic in the area, which is a relief to homeowners watching the cracks grow.

“We were concerned about the weight on the road because of the big garbage trucks and recycle trucks and propane truck – actually you can feel the vibrations sometimes when they go by,” says one local resident, Mary Young.

Geotechnical experts say the bluff is losing about two inches a year, which adds up to about eight feet over the next 50 years.

That may not sound like a lot, but most buildings have little to lose as it is.

The mayor has even talked about cutting traffic down two or three blocks. And city officials know something will have to be done. But it’s unclear how long that will take and what it will cost.”

This is where the current erosion is:


It sounds like Coupeville City Council has it work cut out over the next few years. I wonder if our taxes will be going up.

Stay tuned 🙂

MORNING FOG – February 9, 2016

I have some confessions to make about today’s photo. First of all I took it yesterday! The reason I used it is because I like it and I didn’t walk today.

Yesterday when I was taking the photos of the new remodel of the old Robertson’s Store building. I was trying to get a better angle for a photo and while backing up tripped over a road cone.

I went down like a sack of potatoes, flat on my back. I would have been just fine except for the strap I use to hole my camera also holds spare batteries, filters and the like.

As luck would have it the pouch that holds the batteries was just to the right of my spine and slammed into a big muscle. I almost passed out from the pain but after sitting for a while with my head between my legs I recovered and sauntered on home.

All this to say that I’ll still hurting this morning and passed on a walk on a beautiful day, bummer!

Anyhow here’s the photo I took of the morning fog on Penn Cove. Just up the hill from the little fog cloud is where I live 🙂


I hope you put your shoes on and went with out me, there’s a whole lot to see out there in your world. I’ll be back soon!

NEW LITTLE LIBRARY – February 8, 2016

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to another walk around Coupeville. It was a beautiful morning and a great day to walk.

Down by the entrance to the Coupeville Wharf I spotted a new addition. Back in May of 2014 I took this picture of what I believed to be the last pay phone in Coupeville.


This morning I noticed that it was gone! Another piece of history bites the dust but…

Look what took it’s place:


That would be a “Little Free Library”, how cool is that? I think it’s a really good replacement and it looks great!


The old “Mad Crab” restaurant that was housed in the old 1866 Robertson’s Store building, closed a few years ago and has stood empty ever since. It is one of the oldest buildings on Front Street. It originally had a gable roof but was later replaced by a false front.

It was purchased a couple of years ago and work had begun but was halted due to, what I heard, were some shoreline permitting issues.

This morning I saw that things are finally starting to happen. There is a bunch of big equipment in front of the building.


They are working to shore up the bank and add a big new deck.


It also appears that things are starting to happen inside the building.


It’s going to be a multipurpose building with stores and housing bring new business to Front Street. I can’t wait to see what all will be in there and how it looks. Stay tuned!

Thanks for walking with me today. I hope you have a great week ahead!

DARK WHARF – February 2, 2016

Hi fellow walkers and welcome to my first blog of February 2016. What I need to know is where the heck did January go?

The daylight hours are getting noticeably longer but when the clouds are overhead all bets are off.

Today was one of those days. I left the house a little early and there were lots of clouds but I was hopeful the they’d break up and provide some beautiful morning sun but that didn’t happen. Instead I took a couple of dark photos of the Coupeville Wharf. While they aren’t great I did find them interesting.

This one was taken as I was approaching the wharf. What looks like blue sky is just lighter clouds behind the dark ones.


When I was up on the bluff, west of the wharf, I spotted Mt. Baker peaking through the clouds across Penn Cove with the wharf in the foreground. It’s dark but I like it!


Hopefully we’ll get in lots of walks this month but it’s still winter in the Seattle area and that always means “Rain”! Have a great month ahead.