TOO COLD! – January 5, 2017

I’m sorry folks but no walking around Coupeville today, it’s just too darn cold. It’s currently 22 degrees F and dropping. You can call me a “wimp”, “woos” or anything you like but I prefer to be called “Warm” in my nice little island home.

I did stick my nose out and took the rather frosty looking photo of my neighborhood from my front porch with Penn Cove in the distance.


Just for fun I though I’d share a couple of photos I took during my hiatus this fall. This young buck was just coming into his antlers. He’s going to be magnificent!


This sunrise was spectacular and almost looked to be on fire.


I hope you have a nice day and with any luck, and warming, we’ll go walking tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “TOO COLD! – January 5, 2017

  1. Runnerduck, What do you mean: TOO COLD !!! You are rough and tough. You can take it. Cold, what cold ? 22 degrees is only “chilly” AltheWalker

    • I hear ya AltheWalker but damn it felt cold to me 🙂 What’s “chilly” in Fargo might be down right cold here in Coupeville! I’ll catch you soon. Oh, by the way, were you out today??? I think not.

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