Ebey Reserve Walk – January 23, 2017

Today’s walk took us across Ebey Reserve all the way down to Ebey’s Landing, a six mile round trip. It was a beautiful morning with more to see than I can report here. But, as always, I’ll share a few of the better photos.

First stop was to check out a new “Little Free Library” that just went up here in Coupeville. I really like the design of this particular one. I don’t know how many there are around here but there’s a bunch. I think my wee island town likes to read.


I got to the prairie during the “Golden Hour” and it didn’t disappoint. This is Willowood Farm about half way across the prairie basking in the morning sun. They grow wonderful vegetables that will be available at our Saturday Market this summer.


I was not the only one out enjoying the morning. There were lots of birds chirping and flying about. I liked these two robins caught silhouetted against the blue sky sitting on white branches.


And finally the big reward for this mornings efforts. Driftwood is like clouds in that you can see different images in each one and each person sees them differently. This big piece of drift wood is on Ebey Landing beach with the big cliff on the south south side of Ebey Reserve in the background. Tell me what that log looks like to you!


I hope I didn’t wear you out this morning and you’ll come back for another nice walk tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Ebey Reserve Walk – January 23, 2017

  1. Thank U 4 the lovely walk. I so enjoy seeing the green grass, ROBINS etc so soon. Here in Leduc, AB we still have winter & it will be at least a couple of months or more before we get the Robins back Loved the countryside.

    • Thanks Hellen,

      It’s always nice to have you along. While it’s lovely out and currently 45 degrees F it’s not over and anything can happen. I think your weather is more predictable than ours.

  2. As always, it’s so good to share your walks this way. The driftwood looks to me like one of those lions outside the NYC library!

  3. Kenney _ Looks like a lion the full mane , sweeping back .
    But look at anything long enough and you will get different thoughts .
    Good to see you out an bout again . We missed you .
    We are going to get freezing rain ,snow and the more rain .This for 2 days at least And then cold . Good thing that we live on the south coast of Nova Scotia . We will not get the real cold but just some .Put on more clothes .

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